Bachelor of Arts

Psychology – Counseling Concentration Online

Integrate Christian values and counseling methods

Bachelor of Arts Psychology – Counseling

Complete your degree from home through our online learning environment. Integrate a Christian worldview perspective into counseling techniques and methods through interactive online learning.  The Counseling major allows you to advance your career in counseling or other social services.

The Unique Value

All students graduate with a Bachelor of Arts and receive a double major in Bible and Theology along with their major. There is an energizing momentum that builds as you pursue your education here, and you leave equipped to act on God’s calling to advance the Gospel wherever you may go. The TCF advantage, advance into your career and life ministry to make disciples.

Meet Your Academic Advisor

Leslie Rewald, MS. As the Chair of the Psychology and Counseling program, Professor Rewald will be your academic advisor available to you throughout your time as a student in this degree program. Professor Rewald earned her Master’s degree from Villanova University and her Bachelor of Arts at Temple University.


The Psychology Major, with a Counseling Concentration, provides the student with the academic and professional preparation necessary to work in the field of counseling or to continue studies in graduate school.

Program Outcomes/Goals:

1. Students will have a basic understanding of the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in psychology.
2. Students will have the ability to weigh evidence, act ethically, and integrate Christian values with psychology as a discipline.
3. A student will display professional skills in the area of his or her concentration.