Campus Security and Facilities Maintenance

If this is an emergency, dial 911 | Address 2430 Welbilt Bld. , Trinity FL

Security Team | Evening and Overnight – (727) 237-4431 (Text or call)

Security Team | Week Days – (727) 569-1394 (call only)

Security Tip Form  (use this form to anonymously submit security tips.)

Safety & Awareness Guide/Emergency Procedure Manual

Lockdowns & Drills

Fire Drills – 1 Per Semester | Upon hearing the fire alarm, immediately go out the nearest exit and maintain a distance of at least 10 yards from the building. Help any disabled people exit the building and maintain a safe distance. Do not re-enter the building until the alarm is cleared and campus security tells you that it is safe.
Shelter-In-Place/Preventative Lockdown
Get inside a building, stay away from windows, do not exit the building until campus security announces the threat has passed
Emergency Lockdown – 1 Per Semester | Get into an interior room, lock the door, close blinds, turn off lights, stay quiet, and remain until campus security or law enforcement tells you it is safe.

Campus Security and Safety Team
  • Anthony Triana – Safety Team Director
  • David Iding – Safety Team Member
  • Steve Gates – Safety Team Member

Campus Maintenance

  • Anthony Triana – Director of Facilities Maintenance
  • Ana Sharkey – Facilities Trainer
Campus Safety and Security Team

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Maintenance Request Form