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31 Jul

Application Deadline – Fall 2020

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Choosing the right Bible College is a big decision. At Trinity College of Florida the admissions team is here to serve you. There is no risk to request information or schedule a tour of the campus. A phone call or visit with an admissions representative can help make your college decision easier and clearer.

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Application Policy Changes Due to Covid-19:

We would like to extend our concern and our prayers to the many families affected by the economic changes that have come about due to the closure of so many businesses in recent days. With all the changes affecting how we live and do business, the Admissions Department at Trinity College of Florida has made the following changes concerning the application process for the fall 2020 semester:

1.) All application fees will be waived through July 31st.

2.) Due to the cancellation of ACT/SAT testing, scores will not be required of those who did not get a chance to test yet. This will only apply to students who are trying to complete the application for fall 2020.

3.) Academic scholarships will still be evaluated for applicants who did not get a chance to take or retake the ACT/SAT tests.

Answers to Your Questions About Admissions

What academic qualifications do I need to be accepted to Trinity College of Florida?

We welcome applications from students who are personally committed to Jesus Christ and express a desire to study God’s Word. Prospective students should show potential for academic success and evidence of outstanding Christian character.

– GPA: 2.2 minimum
– SAT: 980 minimum
– ACT: 18 minimum

– Must profess faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
– Must demonstrate consistent Christian character
– Must be engaged in regular church attendance

Students with troubled academic pasts who can demonstrate a commitment to higher education and the potential for academic success are encouraged to apply even if they do not meet the academic recommendations listed above. Mitigating circumstances may allow for the Admissions Committee to grant probationary acceptance.

Do you offer an Adult Degree Completion program?

Yes! Trinity Quest is our degree completion program that provides a clear pathway for today’s working adults to return to college and finally complete a bachelor’s degree. Connect your career dreams to your future success through our popular accelerated adult degree completion program.

You can finish your degree through our Bible College online classes or by attending evening classes on campus at our Trinity, FL location. Most degree completion students earn their degree in as little as two years.

Can I transfer credits from another college?

Yes, credits can be transferred to Trinity College of Florida from other accredited colleges. Credit Evaluations can be completed for you before or after you apply.  To have a Credit Evaluation completed, please send transcripts to the Admissions Office and let us know the program(s) for which you are considering transferring.  

Once the Credit Evaluation is completed, we will let you know exactly how many credits would transfer into each program that you are considering. We will help you determine if you will attend Trinity College as a traditional undergraduate transfer student or if you should finish your degree online or with evening classes at our Trinity, FL, campus through Trinity Quest.

Can International Students apply to Trinity College of Florida?

We welcome international students who are interested in receiving a biblical education and who have a committed relationship with Jesus Christ. Please download our International Student Packet for all the information you need to know about your opportunities here.

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How can I contact someone directly in the admissions office?

We would love to hear from you!
Contact our Admissions Office directly at:

Admissions Director – Rachel Noble

Admissions Representative – John Keller

Admissions Representative – Sarah Pardue

Admissions Representative – Sylvia Kappauf

Trinity Quest Admissions:

Associate Dean of Adult Education – John Zuch

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31 Jul

Application Deadline – Fall 2020

Friday -

14 Aug

New Student Orientation Begins – Fall 2020

Friday -

17 Aug

Fall Classes Begin

Monday - 8:00 am

11 Sep

Last Day to Add/Drop Classes

Friday - 9:00 am

26 Oct

Campus Preview

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