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Financial Aid Advisor Job Posting

Job ID 21004
Posted On January 8, 2024
Position Type Full Time

Position Description: Financial Aid Advisor

Position Summary: The Financial Aid Advisor is responsible to support the Director in all administration of all institutional, state, and federal financial aid and for ensuring compliance with all relevant program guidelines. They evaluate the financial needs of students from a variety of sources and process financial aid according to government and institutional regulations and guidelines.

Department: Financial Aid
Supervisor: Director of Financial Aid

Essential Functions:
1. Primary responsibilities include student aid packaging, verification, and facilitating the processing of students’ financial aid.
2. Counsels and advises students about financial aid eligibility, application procedures, aid programs, costs, indebtedness, and individualizes information to the particular needs of the student.
3. Knowledge and application of state and federal financial aid guidelines and internal policies.
4. Collects and/or analyzes financial data on students to determine aid eligibility and make awards within federal, donor and/or institutional guidelines.
5. Evaluates unusual/mitigating circumstance documentation or information provided by the student; exercises judgment by making adjustments or revisions to costs, contribution, need, or dependency status as exceptions to the prescribed process.
6. Answers questions, inquiries, or requests from students, parents, or guardians in person, over the phone, or through email regarding financial aid programs and eligibility.
7. Assists in the preparation of and presents information regarding federal financial aid, scholarships, employment and grants for various campus groups, events, and visiting families.
8. Analyzes various system-generated reports such as grades and enrollment status or award status to verify continued compliance and eligibility of students receiving aid under federal and institutional guidelines; notifies students of changes in eligibility of awards and alternatives to amend the situation.
9. Interfaces with students and lenders, employers, and/or staff to resolve issues.
10. Assists with other financial and activities such as outreach, reporting and monitoring.
11. Ongoing professional development through attendance at conferences and workshops.
12. Inventory maintenance and supply of all financial aid materials

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
1. Knowledge of state and federal government regulations, guidelines, and procedures for awarding of financial aid.
2. Knowledge of PowerFAIDS processing system strongly preferred.
3. Working with Veterans’ Benefits is preferred.
4. Skill in both verbal and written communication.
5. Ability to multi-task and to organize and manage assigned projects with maximum productivity.
6. Ability to adhere to confidentiality and FERPA regulations
7. Ability to maintain a professional demeanor and to provide information in a helpful and friendly manner.

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