Our admissions team is here to guide you in the process of enrollment. We believe that every student that enrolls to become part of the Trinity family, God calls. Our mission is to equip you for your calling, to advance in every context of life. We look forward to connecting with you.

Answers to Your Questions

How can I know if Trinity College is the right Christian Bible College for me?

Choosing the right college is a big decision. It can be intimidating to make the transition from high school to college or to decide to go to college as an adult. Our students find comfort in the smaller, community-like environment at TCF where they connect in classes, chapel, and various other student activities. We encourage students to get involved both on campus and in the community.

There is no risk to request information or schedule a tour of the campus. A phone call or visit with an admissions representative can help make your college decision easier and clearer.

Does Trinity College of Florida provide Bible college online classes?

Yes. Trinity College offers new students and transfer students degrees completely online.

Can I handle the college-level academics at Trinity College?

It’s normal to feel unsure about whether you can keep pace with college-level classes. You will work closely with professors, faculty, coaches, and peers to grow in your love of learning. This is a safe place to identify your learning style, improve your study habits, and maximize your time. Speak with an admissions representative about course options within your desired degree.

Does Trinity College offer on-campus housing and meal plans?

The L.L. Speer Residence Hall provides on-campus housing for students. Speer Hall offers double-occupancy rooms that share a bathroom. Each wing is gender separated. Each floor of Speer Hall offers a laundry facility and a lounge for students to gather. The lounge is a common area for students to relax and enjoy together or to use for social events. Each lounge offers kitchen access including a microwave and burners for cooking.

The meal plan is offered to resident students. The meal plan includes 10 meals per week. Meals are offered three times a day, five days a week (Monday through Friday. The student lounge offers a kitchen for student-use for additional meals.

Resident students enjoy the daily encouragement and accountability of studying and living with fellow students. As you strengthen your intellect through the classroom experience, you’ll also grow relationally and socially here.

Is financial aid available for Trinity College of Florida students?

Yes! Although many people think they can’t afford to go to college, a large percentage of students receive some type of financial assistance, including our degree completion students. Our financial aid representatives are ready to help you sort through the different types of financial aid and show you how to get the assistance available to you.