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Financial Aid

A Detailed Breakdown of Tuition Rates and Fees for All Students

How Much Does Each Program Cost?

Fall 2022 New Student Fee Schedule

Traditional Program – Tuition

Per Credit Hour (1-11 Hours) $510.00
Per Semester (full-time, 12-18 Credits) $7,600.00 (block rate)
Per Credit Hour (19 Hours and above) $510.00
Per Credit Hour – (Retired Senior Citizens 65+) $255.00

TrinityQuest Program – Tuition and Fees

Application fee $35.00
Deposit After Acceptance $50.00
Credit Hour Per Semester $510.00 (per credit hour)
Senior Citizen (65+) Tuition (per credit hour) $255.00
Student Fees (per semester) $95.00
Online Technology Fee/per course $75.00
Embedded book cost (some online courses) $50.00
ACE Fee (some online courses) $50.00
CDC (per credit hour) $95.00
Directed Study Fee $110.00
Graduation Fee $125.00
Late Graduation Application Fee $50.00
Late Registration Fee $50.00
Parking Decal/rfid tag (annual) $25.00

Online Program/Trinity Access Courses – Tuition and Fees

Per Credit Hour $510.00
Technology Fee (per course $75.00)
Student Services Fee (per semester $50.00)

Dual Enrollment Students (select courses only) – Tuition

Per Credit Hour $130.00 (for approved courses)

How Much Does it Cost to Live on Campus?

Residence Room

Room Security Deposit $150.00
Replacement Key Charge $30.00
* Room and Board Per Semester – 10 Meal Plan (double occupancy) $4,300.00
* Room and Board Per Semester, additional for a private room (upon approval) $1,350.00
Summer Room Per Week $100.00

General and Special Fees

General Fees
** Student Services Fee Per Semester (5+ credits) $550.00
Late Registration Fee $50.00
Late Graduation Application Fee $50.00
Transcript Request (1 copy) $5.00 for each copy
Transcript URGENT Request (1 copy) $25.00
Student Services Fee Online Program/Trinity Access Option Per Semester $50.00

Special Fees
Audit Fee (per course) $210.00
Graduation Fee $125.00
Internship Fee (for 0 credit) $65.00
Replacement Key Charge (other than room key) $20.00
Independent/Directed Study Fee (plus per credit hour fee) $110.00
Parking Decal (Annual) $25.00
Practice Piano Fee Per Semester $110.00
Private Music Per Semester $165.00
(1/2 hour per week – 15 weeks) (Vocal, Piano)
* Meals Included: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner available Monday through Friday.
** Students taking less than 5 credits pay only for involvement in specific activities.