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As a nationally accredited Bible college, Trinity College has twenty degree programs for the Christian student to chose from. Available in-seat, days, evenings, and online. Whether you are a first year freshmen, in high school and want dual enrollment, or want to transfer your credits and finish your degree, regardless of your major, all our degrees integrate the Bible into all our programs. Therefore, this is why a Bible college education makes all the difference in the world.

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At Billy Graham’s graduation in 1940 (then called the Florida Bible Institute), Graham’s classmate declared in the valedictorian speech, “We Accept the Challenge”  As a Bible college, for 90 years Trinity College has been equipping Christians to serve where God has called them. From evangelist, pastors, artist, teachers, counselors, business leaders and nearly every context of life, all have one thing in common, they accepted the challenge, the subsequent question is, will you?

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Individual and small group visits are welcome to visit all summer. Explore the campus, consult with Financial Aid and Admissions, tour the classrooms, library, and dorms. Come and experience the advantage of a small college with a ninety year mission “to provide a biblically-centered education, equipping servant leaders for life and career opportunities.” A Bible-based education makes all the difference in the world.

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  • There are five possible start dates each school year. Fall A (August), Fall B (October), Spring A (January), Spring B (March), Summer (May)

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Getting information and making your college decision can be difficult. We are happy to walk you through everything from enrollment to the financial aid process.
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Trinity Spotlight

The Authority of Scripture

The Authority of Scripture – Our Unfailing Foundation Dr. Peter W. Teague, President Emeritus Today there is a confluence of demographic, economic, and technological developments that are creating a new reality driven by a new set of rules! Change is coming at us very fast – so much so that in just 6 years the “Internet of Things” will be designed to run factories, mines, energy systems, transportation systems, retail facilities, vehicles, homes, offices, and YES even people. Truth Matters...

Trinity Spotlight

Advice For Parents of College Students

Advice For Parents of College Students Sending your child off to college can be difficult. Parents often struggle with establishing new boundaries and the void created by their child’s absence. As an enrollment officer at a private Christian college, I see the issues parents face in helping their children decide which college to attend. As a parent of two college-aged children and one soon-to-be college-aged, I have walked through the college decision process with my two children currently attending college....

Trinity Spotlight

Is College Worth It?

Is College Worth It? By Karly Dooley More and more often, we see skepticism about whether or not a college degree is worth it. It is easy to be intimidated by large dollar figures related to tuition, dorm fees, books, and more when you begin researching potential places to study, but the answer is still a resounding “YES” when it comes to the value of a college education – for so many reasons! Research by the Social Security Administration reported...

Trinity Spotlight

We Accept the Challenge

We Accept the Challenge By Vera Resue, Valedictorian speech of the class of 1940 and classmate of Evangelist Billy Graham.  There has never been a time in the history of the world when young people are being challenged as now. There has never been a greater opportunity to demonstrate virile Christianity as now. Christ’s enemies are daring to charge that the world disorder and conditions in which we find ourselves are proof that Christianity has failed and therefore it is...