COVID-19 FALL 2020


We would like to extend our concern and our prayers to the many families affected by the economic changes that have come about due to the closure of so many businesses in recent days. With all the changes affecting how we live and do business, the Admissions Department at Trinity College of Florida has made the following changes concerning the application process for the fall 2020 semester:

1.) All application fees will be waived through July 31st.

2.) Due to the cancellation of ACT/SAT testing, scores will not be required of those who did not get a chance to test yet. This will only apply to students who are trying to complete the application for fall 2020.

3.) Academic scholarships will still be evaluated for applicants who did not get a chance to take or retake the ACT/SAT tests.

CARES Act Report on Emergency Financial Aid to Students

Cares Act ED GRANT Expenditures 7.15.2020