The Psychology Major, with a Counseling Concentration, provides the student with the academic and professional preparation necessary to work in the field of counseling or to continue studies in graduate school.



General Studies – 39 Credits

Bible and Theology Foundation – 45 Credits

Major – 39 Credits 

Total Required Credits – 123 Credits



Counseling Nontraditional Families 

Counseling Skills Lab 

Crisis Counseling 

Developmental Psychology 

Introduction to Counseling 

Marriage and Family Communication 


Seminar in Group Dynamics 

Social Psychology 

Stress Management 

Internship (4 semesters)  


Program Outcomes/Goals:

  1. Students will have a basic understanding of the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in psychology. 
  2. Students will have the ability to weigh evidence, act ethically, and integrate Christian values with psychology as a discipline. 
  3. A student will display professional skills in the area of his or her concentration.
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Leslie Rewald, M.S.

Program Director: Counseling