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The story of David and Goliath, found in 1 Samuel 17, is a very familiar story for most of us. But let’s not miss the important truths in this passage. There are five things to notice here.

First: God uses the unlikely.

From this passage, we are told that David is young (v 14, 33, 42). As a result, he is not the likely candidate to fight Goliath. But God uses him regardless, and he defeats the mighty giant. Through the power of God David defeats Goliath with a sling and a stone. And God can use us too, as “great” or as ordinary as we are. He can use us to do great things for Him, not because we are awesome, but because He is. He can do awesome things even with ordinary people.

Second: God uses current circumstances to prepare people to do future work for Him.

In verses 34-37 of this passage, we are told that Saul did not think that David should fight Goliath as he was too young. However, David brought up the fact that he had spent time as a shepherd. As a shepherd, God worked through him to kill bears and lions and God would use him now to kill Goliath. His experience as a shepherd prepared him to fight Goliath. God used David’s time as a shepherd to prepare him to do future work for Him. God may be using your current circumstances to prepare you to do future work for Him. So be encouraged that your circumstances, as great or as bad as they may be right now, are not in vain.

Third: God’s reputation matters.

In this passage (v 26, 36 b, 46-47) we can see that David is offended that Goliath would defy the armies of God. David thinks, “Who does this guy think he is that he can defy God’s people in this way? Does he know who he is dealing with? Does he even know who God is?” David had a zeal for God’s reputation and honor. We too should have a zeal for God’s reputation and honor. Sin should sadden us. Defiance toward God should offend us. We need to ask God to give us boldness to confront sin in love because His name and reputation matter.

Fourth: Great faith in a great God.

David shows tremendous faith in God to give him victory over Goliath (v 37, 45-47). He was just a youth and Goliath was a giant and a champion. Although no one was willing to fight Goliath, David showed no fear and trusted fully in God to give him the victory over Goliath. Some of us have bold faith like that, but there are some of us who are less trusting. But no matter where we are on the “faith scale” we need to ask that God would grant us greater faith to trust Him no matter the circumstance.

Fifth (and most important): Jesus is the Greater David.

As we read about David slaying a giant and rescuing his people, let’s be reminded of the greater David, – Jesus. Jesus slays the greater giant of sin and death through His life, death, and resurrection. The Greater David would come to save His people from their sin. This story is not just about a boy and a giant; it’s about pointing us to the Greater David – Jesus! Let’s never forget the mighty work Christ has done for us.

Matt graduated with a degree in Pastoral Ministry from Trinity College of Florida.