Johnson University Kissimmee Transfer Students

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Maximize Your Johnson Transfer Credits

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Trinity College of Florida (TCF) has a Teach-Out Plan for Johnson University Florida (JUFL) students. Maximize your transfer credits and finish your degree one time, with the least cost to you.

Transfer (Johnson) Business Administration B.S. Degree to:

Transfer (Johnson) Business Administration, Sports Management B.S. Degree to:

Transfer (Johnson) Business Administration, Entrepreneurship B.S. transfer to:

Transfer (Johnson) Ministry Leadership, Preaching and Church Leadership B.S. transfer to:

Transfer (Johnson) Ministry Leadership B.S. Degree to:

Transfer (Johnson) Ministry Leadership, Preaching & Student Ministry B.S. transfer to:

Transfer (Johnson) Elementary Education, K-6 with ESL & Reading B.S. Degree to:

Transfer (Johnson) Psychology B.S. Degree to:

Transfer (Johnson) Interdisciplinary Studies A.A. transfer to:

All transfer credit qualification are subject to evaluation by Trinity College of Florida Academic Advisors.

Streamlined Application

Trinity streamlined our application for Johnson transfer teach-out students. We recognized your work and accomplishments for you to be accepted to Johnson. We created an application just for you. We narrowed down our application steps to three:

STEP ONE: Complete the Application

STEP TWO: Transfer your FAFSA (Our school code is 030282)

STEP THREE: Request your official transcripts be sent to:

Trinity College of Florida

Need assistance? Call your Admissions Team Direct Number 727.569.1383

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Trinity Lowered Your College Costs

Johnson Transfer

TCF Grant $2,500

Trinity College of Florida wants to help you have an easy transition through this tough time. In transferring your Johnson credits to our institution, you will be charged approximately $2,300 less per year for full time tuition plus living on campus based on current rates.

In addition to this, we want to offer a renewable grant of $2,500 per year to help ease your transfer. Please contact the TCF Financial Aid Office if you have questions about our cost information, the grant opportunity, having your FAFSA sent to us, or anything else we can assist with!

Transferring your FAFSA to us is very easy. Simply log onto your existing application and add our school code, 030282, and resubmit!


Per year full time tuition: $18,428
Housing (meals and dorm): $7,584
Fees: $1,230
Total: $27,242

Trinity College of Florida

Per year full time tuition: $15,200
Housing (meals and dorm): $8,600
Fees: $1,100
Total: $24,900

TCF tuition is $3,228 less
TCF fees are $130 less
TCF housing is $1,016 more on housing

Overall TCF cost $2,342 less, when you combine the $2,500 grant, the total cost is $4,852 less

The Enrollment Team is dedicated to you maximizing your current credits and finishing your degree on time at the least possible cost to you.

  • Trinity College creates individualized teach-out plans for students to maximize their transfer credits into either the same or similar degrees they have been working toward. Please list the college you are transferring from.


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