Col. Charles Massey Group

2022-2023 Student Group President, Tyler Salyer

Participation – Military (active, inactive, Guard and Reserves), Veterans, Dependents and Family Members of Military/Veterans as well as those who simply wish to honor veterans, military and their families.

Purpose – The purpose of the Col. Charles Massey student group is to connect military, veterans and their dependents; personal ownership-discipline (training),  service, and fellowship. 

Personal Ownership – Members will embody the warrior ethos of “leave no one behind.” 

Massey Honor Code: Participation in the Massey student group is for individuals who will seek to chase excellence and allow accountability in each area of life: 

  • Spiritually (Spirit) Prayer, devotion to Scripture
  • Physically (body) exercise, healthy eating, personal appearance
  • Intellectually (mind) Continually setting one’s mind on truth

Steve Stewart Interview (Massey Student Group 2021-2022 President) 

Colonel Charles Massey

Charlies Massey Student Group Trinity College
a christian college education

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) and its activities are an important part of the educational and social program of the College and can provide valuable leadership experience. All students are encouraged to participate in this balanced program of activities. The SGA is an elected body that coordinates various cultural, social, and intramural athletic programs for the College student body. The SGA also serves as a way students can communicate needs and concerns to the College Administration.

  • Andrew Sprott, President,
  • Joe Roth, Vice President
  • Estaban Gonzalez, Secretary
  • Justin Ruiz, Treasurer

Education in Action

Education in Action (EIA) provides students with valuable teaching experience and resources to help prepare them to teach in their directed areas of study. Students are able to apply their skills to real educational experiences as well as have the opportunity to impact the youth they work with. EIA also organizes educational activities, student volunteering, and discussion forums designed to further student learning and growth.

  • Marissa Taylor, President
a christian college education

Great Commission Missionary Fellowship

Understanding that both prayer and awareness are essential elements for all missionary ventures, the Great Commission Missionary Fellowship (GCMF) organizes various student activities involving world missions. An annual missions conference brings church leaders, missionaries, mission organizations, and others to the campus for a special time of concentrated recognition of missions as the worldwide outflow of the church. Trinity College works with other Bible colleges and Christian institutions in sponsoring missions conferences and cooperative projects.

  • Haroon Masih, President
  • Jozie Bellinger, Vice President

Speaking Truth Student Group

The Speaking Truth Student group was formed to promote the Great Commission and to build up and edify the students preparing for ministry. Students who have a passion for preaching Gods Word to the next generation are encouraged to join Speaking Truth Student Group. This ministry gives our students the opportunity to travel to schools and churches sharing God’s Word and engaging teens who have that same passion. Students involved in STSG receive many ministry and leadership opportunities such as preaching, teaching, event planning, and personal ministry to youth.

  • Justin Ruiz, President
  • Richard Walker, Vice President

Trinity’s Heart Against Trafficking

Join the fight for freedom! T.H.A.T. raises awareness and promotes taking action to fight for victims of human trafficking. Trinity’s Heart Against Trafficking brings awareness in the College and in the community about human trafficking locally, nationally, and around the world. Students can get involved in joining this important work through all of the efforts of this group.

“The God of Possible” interview with Allison King


Together student group celebrates the diversity and heritage of the students of the Trinity College of Florida Family.

“Together strives to nurture the diverse environment we have on campus. We aim to accomplish this goal by bringing awareness to diversity and celebrating it. Together hopes to educate and influence students to embrace the diversity around them through providing insights from different cultures.”
  • Alisha Huggins, President

Worship Team

Trinity College of Florida Worship team leads worship for the college chapels and other student led events.

Team Lead, Hunter Bailey

Prayer Group

Trinity Prayer group

  • Taylor Bailey, President

Trinity Media Group

The Trinity College of Florida Media Club provides a great outlet for creativity, collaboration, community engagement, and fun. Activities are built on anything media related, including video, photography, set design, costume ideas and design, and script construction. Planning and brainstorming are crucial in creating beautiful media, and finished projects are the product of thoughts come to life. The ultimate goal of Trinity’s Media Club is to glorify God with the ministry created through all produced content.

Courtney Hawkins, President


Answers to Questions about Student Life

Are there student standards and guidelines to follow?

Our goal is not to have a lot of rules, but to protect the scriptural standards that have become synonymous with Trinity College of Florida. Our Student Life Handbook serves as the source for information regarding the college’s standards and guidelines. These guidelines are designed to regulate the activities of the student body so that the basic rights of all are protected. Like everything else we do, we wrote our handbook based on biblical principles for fostering a Christian community. It is our hope that each student will have a value system based on Scriptural concepts. View the Student Life Handbook.

What activities/amenities are available near the campus?

Trinity College is located in Trinity Florida on the west coast of Florida near Tampa Bay. 

James P. Gills YMCA (All residential students have a membership to the Y as part of their fees.) 


(Fred Howard Park)

Caledesi Island

Theme parks 

Busch Gardens

Adventure Island

Shopping/Resturants (Approx. 1 mile)

Mitchell Ranch Plaza:

  • Chick-fil-A
  • Panera
  • Chili’s
  • Publix
  • Ross
  • Marshalls
  • China Express
  • BurgerFi
  • Westshore Pizza
  • Target
  • Zim Zari’s

The Village at Mitchell Ranch

  • Sprouts Farmers Market
  • HomeGoods
  • Michaels
  • Skechers
  • Five Below
  • Ulta
  • PDQ
  • Burger King (Now Open!)
  • Hair Cuttery
  • Organic Nail Bar
  • Amazing Lash
  • Cycle Bar
  • Hand & Stone
  • Louis Pappas
  • Jersey Mike’s
  • Grain & Berry
  • First Watch
  • Mattress One
  • Chipotle
  • Menchie’s
  • Panda Express
  • Blaze Pizza

Are students required to participate in the Christian Service program?

A minimum of 20 hours of service a semester is required for all full-time students. Each ministry selection must be approved by the Dean of Students and should begin by the fourth Friday of the semester.
Some of our current students are involved in their local church serving in children’s ministry, singing on the worship team, or assisting youth leaders. Others teach a Bible Study or Sunday School class. There is also participation in local ministries such as Inter-Varsity, Young Life, or Child Evangelism Fellowship.

Are there chapel services for undergraduate students?

Yes! Chapel is a vital part of building our spiritual community. Students, faculty, and staff are able to come together for prayer, worship, and teaching. Contemporary worship, testimony and sharing, and solid teaching from the Word of God provide multiple opportunities for student involvement and are a reflection of who we are as a community. Chapel services are held twice throughout each week in Sid Williams Chapel.

Students will also encounter the Word of God daily in classes and in the dorms. Spiritual emphasis weekends, dorm devotions, mission trips, and Christian service are other initiatives we take to ensure spiritual growth and maturity.

You’ll receive more than an outstanding education at TCF. You’ll gain an experience that will encourage you to have a closer relationship with Jesus.

A Campus Visit

Visiting our campus is a great way to get a feel for what Trinity College is like. Take a tour with an admissions representative and gain clarity on your future.

  • There are five possible start dates each school year. Fall A (August), Fall B (October), Spring A (January), Spring B (March), Summer (May)