Student groups are a great way to get involved on campus. Students are able to get involved, take part in campus life, and join a network of like-minded students. With the motivation to make a difference, make friends, or just have fun, our student groups offer a variety of events and fun activities.

Student groups vary each year, but always have one thing in common – to bring students together whether for worship and prayer or just to have a fun weekend outing. Recent student activities include camping trips, bonfires on campus, a trip to Disney, a missions conference, Tiger Games, and game nights. Get involved on campus by joining a student group!

Consider joining one of the following student groups.



The Student Government Association (SGA) is the student-led organization and the student’s official voice to college administration. SGA exists to provide leadership to the student body of Trinity College of Florida. SGA is involved in building community among the student, staff, and faculty through activities and providing opportunities for students to express their opinions concerning the college.

Students involved in SGA get to plan and organize all student activities and outings. From camping trips to kickball to meeting with the President of the college, being part of SGA allows you to have a voice on campus and be involved!




The Great Commission Missionary Fellowship (GCMF) organizes various student activities and events to educate and inspire others to be involved in world missions. An annual Global Impact Conference, held each fall, brings church leaders, missionaries, community development organizations, and others to the college campus for a time of concentrated recognition of the worldwide task of the church.

GCMF also organizes student mission trips and lunch forums designed to connect students to global evangelism.




Join the fight for freedom! T.H.A.T. raises awareness and promotes taking action to fight for victims of human trafficking. Students can get involved in joining this important work through all of the efforts of this group.




Students who have a passion for preaching God’s Word to the next generation are encouraged to join Speaking Truth Student Group. This ministry gives our students the opportunity to travel to schools and churches sharing God’s Word and engaging teens who have that same passion. Students involved in STSG receive many ministry and leadership opportunities such as preaching, teaching, event planning, and personal ministry to youth.




Education in Action provides students with valuable teaching experience and resources to help prepare them to teach in their directed areas of study. Students are able to apply their skills to real educational experiences as well as have the opportunity to impact the youth they work with. EIA also organizes educational activities, student volunteering, and discussion forums designed to further student learning and growth.

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