Bachelor of Science

Counseling Psychology

Department Chair: Leslie Rewald, M.S.

Students successfully completing the Counseling Psychology Major of the Trinity Quest program will demonstrate:

  1. A basic understanding of the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in psychology
  2. The ability to weigh evidence, act ethically, and integrate Christian values with Psychology as a discipline
  3. Professional skills in the area of his or her concentration

Major Requirements (Total Required Credits: 122)

  1. A Completed AA degree (meets the requirements of TCF) of all least 60 semester hours
  2. Complete Introduction to Quest Program (1 cr).
  3. Complete the following Trinity Quest Program Courses: (61 semester hours)

Introduction to Counseling
Christian Perspective and Learning Skills
Biblical Ethics
Theories of Personality
Stress Management
Psychology Seminar or Team Dynamics and Leading Diverse Groups
Counseling Cross-Cultural
Health Psychology

Psychology of Religion and Spirituality
Marriage and Family Communication
Cognitive Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Counseling Adolescents
Crisis Counseling
Counseling Skills Lab
Seminar in Group Dynamics
Counseling Psychology Capstone Course (1 Credit Hour)

Counseling psychology degree

Bachelor of Science Counseling Psychology, Two-Year Student Progression Plan

Introduction to Quest Program (1 credit), must be taken in the student’s first semester.  *Italicized courses are required for the 18 credits in Bible and Theology for Trinity College and can be completed using the AA Access classes.  If these courses were previously completed, they will be substituted with the indicated course.

Year One


Fall A 
Course 1 Developmental Psychology
Course 2 Introduction to Counseling

Fall B
Course 1 Psychopathology
Course 2 Cognitive Psychology

Spring A
Course 1 Marriage and Family Communication
Course 2 Crisis Counseling

Spring B
Course 1 Systematic Theology I
Course 2 Counseling Adolescents

Course 1 *Bible Elective or Christian Leadership
Course 2 Bible Elective

Year Two


Fall A
Course 1 Seminar in Group Dynamics
Course 2 Bible Elective or Small Group Development

Fall B
Course 1 Theories in Personality
Course 2 Health Psychology

Spring A
Course 1 *Bible Elective or Psychology of Religion and Spirituality
Course 2 Biblical Ethics

Spring B
Course 1 Stress Management
Course 2 Counseling Cross Cultural

Course 1 Team Dynamics and Leading Diverse Groups
Course 2 Counseling Skills Lab
Course 3 Capstone Course (1 Credit Hour)

This degree completion program is designed to be completed within two years. Students who follow this progression plan will take all courses necessary to finish the Bachelor of Science Counseling Psychology major within two years.

NOTE: Students may apply to enroll in any of the five start dates: Fall A, Fall B, Spring A, Spring B, and Summer.

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Meet Your Academic Advisor

Leslie Rewald, MS. As the Chair of the Psychology and Counseling program, she will be your academic advisor available to you throughout your time as a student in this degree program. Professor Rewald earned her Master’s degree from Villanova University and her Bachelor of Arts at Temple University. Leslie Rewald, MS

Interview with Leslie

Credit Transfer

Trinity Quest Degree completion students must have a minimum of 61 credits to transfer into the program. (The Registrar will evaluate transfer credits.)

Students who wish to enter the Trinity Quest Degree completion program and do not meet the minimum required transferable credits may apply for the Trinity Access Associate of Arts degree program which prepares students for the program requirements.


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