Elizabeth Earle-Warfel, Ph.D
Program Director: Psychology
M. Elizabeth Warfel, Ph.D. Psychology Department Trinity College of Florida Education Saybrook University, Clinical Psychology, Ph.D. (2005)Reformed Theological Seminary, M.Div (1995)The King’s College, Music Ed. B.S Scholarly Activities The Oxford Roundtable, Brass Nose College, Oxford University, 2014The Oxford Roundtable, Harris-Manchester College, Oxford University, 2010Warfel, E., Krippner, S & Perakis, P. (2006) A dynamical perspective of post-traumatic stress disorderPaper presented by P. Perakis at the meeting of the International Society for Chaos (INSC) in Crete.Warfel, E. (2004) Neurobiological and psychological events are unified through functions of chaos.Paper presented at the meeting of the Saybrook Florida Regional Group.The Board of the Saybrook University Alumni Association Council: Secretary, 2007-2009The Board of the Saybrook University Alumni Association Council: Editor, production manager for Alumni Newsletter, Coming Home. 2007-2009Board Member, Psymore Research Institute Inc.Research Associate, Psymore Research Institute Inc. Publications Warfel, E. (2001) Brains, bodies, bifurcation, and attractors: Chaos rules in post-traumatic stress disorder. Dynamical Psychology. http://goertzel.org/dynapsych/2001.Warfel, E. (2005) The application of chaos theory to the development of a dynamical systems theory of post-traumatic stress disorder. Dissertation Abstracts 66(8) 4479B (UMI No. AAt3184846)Warfel, E. (2015) Emotional Engagement in the Classroom: A Key to Academic Success. Professional Organizations Christian Association for Psychological Studies (CAPS)American Psychological Association (APA)The Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences (SCTPLS)

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