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By: Dr. Mark O’Farrell, College President.

Have you noticed within the last six months the  need to deal with complex issues without the  opportunity to resolve or bring solution with  simplicity? It must be long, drawn-out, tiring, and frustrating. Wrong thinking and  contemplation cause this response. Whatever  happened to the main thing being the main  thing and the plain thing being the main thing?  Why do we create complexity in resolution? Is it simply stupidity or immaturity, or is it  something else like a missing dimension of  wisdom and discernment that only comes  from one source? Both may be involved, but  the latter is the key! Allow me to share with you five simple  thoughts that will assist you in your Christian  experience as you deal with disturbances,  difficulties, frustrations, and problems of this  culture:

1. Simplify Your Faith

It is simply the Word  of God, the Son of God, and the Spirit of  God! Focus on Jesus! Very Clear and Very  Simple. See Him in the Word of God, the  Bible. Dependence on the Spirit of God to  make Him real to you is the way. Simply  Focus on Him. It is the Lord Jesus! Watch  what happens to your thinking and  emotions in life!! It will be amazing!

2. Pray Dependently

Pray always with the  sense of complete dependence on Him.  Regardless of your discipline, education,  skill mix, or giftedness, you need His help  at that moment. Utter and complete  reliance on His enablement is paramount.  As Paul stated: “Pray without ceasing!”

3. Stay By ‘The Stuff’

It seems that  everyone wants change whether it is  necessary or not. Having change just for  change is the secret solution. Wrong!  There are things that you do not change …  and we must know them. Proverbs 22:28  NKJV even states: “Do not remove the  ancient landmark which your fathers have  set.” It is said again in Proverbs 23:10.  Stay Faithful to things you have learned.  Is not this what John said in Revelation  2:10 NKJV: “… Be faithful until death, and I  will give you the crown of life.”

4. Learn Lessons Quickly

Whatever God is  saying to you or teaching you, get the  lesson under your belt. Do not procrastinate. Learn it and do not entertain a repeat of the lesson by the  Almighty! Get it and move on! It would  seem to me that when Elijah called fire down from heaven on the ‘Captain and his  fifty men’ who were present to take him to  wicked King Ahaziah and they were  burned up, the second group who went  after him would get the message. They  did not and they also were ‘burned up.’  Thankfully, the third Captain got the  lesson. His life was spared along with his  fifty men. (2 Kings 1) Why procrastinate?  Keep short accounts with the Lord. Be a  quick learner!

5. Anticipate with Joy

There must be a  sense of ‘joy’ regarding the future, a sense  of expectation that will honor the Lord!  There is always ‘Gloom and Doom,” but  there must be JOY permeating anticipation. People will feel and notice that … and ask questions! The Spirit of the  Lord will do this IN you and THROUGH  you. This is not worked up or dependent  on circumstances! 

These five simple realities (fingers) of  action will give you: 

     … Hand of Accomplishment 

     … Hand of Abundance 

Let’s Get Simple … I am ready! How about YOU?

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