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Bachelor of Arts

Business Organizational Leadership

Church Management Administration Concentration

Department Chair: Cynthia Perkins, M.A.O.L.

 Students successfully completing this program will demonstrate:

  1. An advanced understanding and application of leadership theories to effectively motivate others, lead innovation, and impact an organization for successful growth
  2. A personal understanding of his/her core competencies as it relates to the ability to lead in an ethical manner through negotiation, inspiration, teamwork, and strategic decision making
  3. An in-depth understanding of how to integrate his/her faith into all areas of business and organizational life

Concentration Requirements, Total Required Credits: 123

I. General Studies 39 Credits

College and Career Success
Freshman Composition I
Freshman Composition II
Introduction to Public Speaking
Introduction to Philosophy
Interpersonal Communication
General Psychology
Literature Elective
Fine Arts Elective
History Elective
Math Elective
Science Elective
General Education Elective

II. Bible 45 Credits

Evangelism and Discipleship
Old Testament Law and History
World Missions and Religions
Old Testament Poetry and Prophecy
Life and Revelation of Christ
New Testament History and Letters
Systematic Theology I
Systematic Theology II
Systematic Theology III
Systematic Theology IV
Bible or Theology Electives (6 Credits)

III. Major Core Courses 39 Credits

Concepts: and Theories of Managerial Leadership
Intermediate Leadership: Conflict/Negotiation
Introduction to Organizational Leadership
Leadership in Nonprofits
Introduction to Counseling or Marriage & Family Communications
Managing Ethics in Organizations
Org. Communication: Methods &  Strategies for Leaders
Marketing Research and Strategy
Resource Allocations in Organizations
Strategic Human Resources in Organizations
Team Dynamics and Leading Diverse Groups
Pastoral Methods
Pastoral Methods Practicum
Business Org. Leadership Internship (2 semesters) 0 Credits

Suggested Four-Year Schedule:

First Year Fall Semester 15 credits

SLS 1501 College and Career Success
GNMN 1302 Evangelism and Discipleship
BIBL 1322 Old Testament Poetry and Prophecy
ENC 1101 Freshman Composition I
LDR 1362 Intro. to Organizational Leadership

Sophomore Year Fall Semester  15 Credits

BIBL 2301 Life and Revelation of Christ
BIBL 2331 Hermeneutics
SPC 1608 Intro. to Public Speaking
LDR 3202 Managing Ethics in Org.
LDR 3341 Leadership in Nonprofits

Junior Year Fall Semester 15 Credits

THEO 3301 Systematic Theology I
PHI 1010 Introduction to Philosophy
COUN 2301 Introduction to Counseling or
SYG 1431 Marriage and Family Com.
LDR 3333 Strategic Human Resources in Organizations
LDR 4334 Resource Allocation in Org.

Senior Year Fall Semester 15 Credits

THEO 4321 Systematic Theology III
THEO 4311 Apologetics
FAEL 2000 Fine Arts Elective
PAST 4301 Pastoral Methods
PAST 4341 Pastoral Methods Practicum
BSOL 4081 Business Org. Leadership Internship 0

First Year Spring Semester 15 Credits

MISS 1301 World Missions and Religions
BIBL 1311 Old Testament Law and History
ENC 1102 Freshman Composition II
PSY 1012 General Psychology
LDR 2370 Org. Comm. Methods and Strategy for Leaders

Sophomore Year Spring Semester 15 Credits

BIBL 2321 New Testament History and Letters
SCEL 2000 Science Elective
MTEL 2000 Math Elective
LDR 3363 Team Dynamics & Leading Diverse Groups
BTEL 2000 Bible or Theology Elective

Junior Year Spring Semester 18 Credits

THEO 3302 Systematic Theology II
BTEL 3000 Bible or Theology Elective
SYG 1431 Interpersonal Communication
LTEL 3000 Literature Elective
HSEL 2000 History Elective
LDR 3373 Inter. Leadership: Conflict/Negotiation

Senior Year Spring Semester 15 Credits

THEO 4331 Systematic Theology IV
BIBL 4301 Romans
LDR 4104 Concepts and Theories of Managerial Leadership
GEEL 3000 General Education Elective
MKTG 3613 Marketing and Research Strategy
BSOL 4082 Business Org. Leadership Internship (0 Credits)

Meet Your Academic Advisor

Cindy Perkins Business Organizational Leadership

Cindy Perkins, MA

As the program director for the business organizational leadership major, professor Perkins will be available to you throughout your time as an student and will be your academic advisor throughout your entire undergraduate program.


Professor Perkins has her Master’s in organizational leadership from Regent University and is a Trinity College graduate with a bachelor of science in Christian ministry.

Trinity Podcast Interview with Professor Cindy Perkins

Church management concentration

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Occupational Outlook: Business Org. Bachelor’s Degree

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