A Quick Guide –

Professional Dress for Women

by Karly Dooley

Non-verbal cues are crucial in many areas of our lives. From interviewing for college admission or a job to giving a presentation in class to attending a career fair or special event, you may be evaluated by several non-verbal cues such as how you carry yourself, your level of eye contact, your handshake, your enthusiasm, and even the cleanliness and appearance of your clothes. In this article, we will focus on that last point.

As Christian women, we are called to be modest and decent, allowing our inner self to shine the brightest. How we dress in all situations is a reflection of that belief and our respect for instructions Jesus has given us. For a special occasion like a presentation or a job interview, the clothing that you select for an event is an indicator of how seriously you are taking the situation and your level of respect for those involved. Knowing how to dress for a specific occasion shows that you have put thought and preparation into what you are doing and that you care about how you present yourself, both to those around you and to glorify God.

General Tips

  • Less is more. Keep your look tasteful and classy. The way we dress can be a fun way to communicate our personality and individual style, so try to find a balance between your normal clothing preferences and the occasion for which you are dressing.
  • Ensure that your clothing is clean, wrinkle-free, and well-fitted.
  • Accessories can be another great way to express individuality, but make sure you are complimenting your clothing and not distracting from it.

So What Should I Wear?


Ladies, we can wear suits while still looking stylish and feminine! For professional occasions, a more trim, tailored blazer is the best option. However, relaxed-fit blazers can be a good choice when paired with the right pants, skirt, or dress.


Dresses worn in a professional context, especially for a job interview, ought to be conservative and clean cut. Don’t be afraid to wear dresses that complement your figure, but avoid distracting patterns, low necklines, or short lengths.


The typical length for skirts in a professional setting is around knee-length. As with dresses, try to avoid overly loud patterns and colors, at least until you are more settled in your environment.


Blouses ought to be neat and well-fitted; avoid anything overly casual, low cut, or bearing a large logo. Sleeveless tops are not recommended for job interviews, but may be appropriate in other professional settings as long as the sleeve is wide.


We have so many stylish options for pants – ankle length, wide leg, straight leg, skinny, and the list goes on. As with the other items discussed above, just make sure that they are well-fitted not overly patterned.


Heels are often a good choice for professional environments, but are not required. Whether you want to choose fashion or function, make sure that your shoes are closed toe and clean.


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