Is College Worth It?

By Karly Dooley

More and more often, we see skepticism about whether or not a college degree is worth the cost. It is easy to be intimidated by large dollar figures related to tuition, dorm fees, and more when you begin researching potential places to study, but the answer is still a resounding “YES” when it comes to the value of a college education – for so many reasons!


Studies consistently show that full-time workers with a Bachelor’s degree earn as much as $20,000 per year more than full-time workers who stopped their education in high school. We also see a consistently lower unemployment rate among those who hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Financial advantages apply even to those who used student loans to cover college expenses, especially when loan borrowing is handled in a responsible manner.  BLS.ORG

Social & Societal 

Higher education provides students with intangible benefits such as development of social skills, critical thinking, speaking and writing skills, and so much more. It is a benefit to our society as a whole to have educated individuals in our communities and families. 

Pursuing Your Passion

Higher education opens so many doors that may otherwise be hard to access for many individuals. Increased access to resources, information, and opportunities is something that goes hand in hand with higher education.

So is college worth it? YES! Especially when pursued with financial responsibility. Students, their families, and society as a whole all benefit!

Karly Dooley is the Financial Aid Director for Trinity College of Florida.
She earned her BA and MA at the University of Alabama.
Trinity College Financial Aid


March 2022 Interview with Karly Dooley