Professor Assembles Dream Team For Darwinism & Intelligent Design Course

Dr. Tom Woodward, Research Professor for Trinity College of Florida has assembled a dream team for his course "Darwinism and Intelligent Design." Imagine you are a college undergraduate, soccer mom, adult degree-seeking student, and you are about to sit under a lecture on Intelligent design by the giants of the Intelligent Design movement. With what Dr. Woodward has assembled, you do not have to imagine, you can actually attend, either for college credit or just audit the course for your own…
John Keller
December 21, 2022

C.S. Lewis Society

HISTORY AND PURPOSE The C.S. Lewis Society was organized by Princeton University students in 1975, as a guest-speaker forum for the campus community to hear Christian scholars articulate a biblical perspective on topics of wide public concern. After years of fruitful ministry, the Society was re-launched on the campus of Trinity College of Florida in 1988 as a fellowship of those committed to explaining and defending the Christian faith internationally. Our outreach has focused especially on university campuses and nations…
Trinity College
April 6, 2020