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Reformation Tour June 14-23, 2022

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Reformation Tour June 14-23, 2022

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Switzerland, France, Germany

All-Inclusive Trip $4,250 price is per person. Includes:

  • Airfare
  • Travel
  • Hotel
  • Breakfast and Dinners
  • Tour Guides
  • 3-credit college course on the Reformation

Join us on this journey as we study the Protestant Reformation. We will see the places where these larger-than-life reformers lived and study what led them to stand up for the truths they found in Scripture.  Whether a student or a life-long learner, you will love every moment of what Honors Trips at Trinity College have to offer. Professors Dr. Joe Allotta and Dr. David Miller are your traveling professors providing their unique insights as we visit these incredible sights!

Reformation Tour Itinerary


• Visit the International Museum of the Reformation
• Guided walking tour of Geneva to visit the Reformation Wall
• Exterior visit to St. Peter’s Cathedral, where John Calvin preached
• Evening walk to view the famed Jet d’Eau fountain at Lake Geneva


• A tour to view the city’s major churches including Wasserkirche, Fraumunster, and Grossmunster (where the preaching of Huldrych Zwingli initiated the Swiss-German Reformation in Switzerland)


• See the State of the Reformers in the University and the historic quarter is known as La Petite-France
• Visit the Strasbourg Cathedral


• Morning visit to Heidelberg with time to explore the town
• Afternoon visit to the site of the Worms Debates, the Reformation monument of Luther, Cathedral of St. Peter, and Trinity Church


• Self-guided visit to Wartburg Castle
• Guided visit to the Augustinian Monastery, where Luther studied


• Guided walking tour of  with visits to Schlosskirche, where Luther nailed the 95 Thesis, and Stadtkirche St. Marin
• Afternoon self-guided visit to Lutherhalle Museum (Luther’s house).