Honors Program

Advanced academics at Trinity College of Florida.

Achieve Academic Excellence

The Honors Program provides students with the opportunity to achieve academic excellence and advanced learning. The program’s study abroad opportunities bring classroom academics to life. In 2020 the Honors Trip visited Washington D.C. The 2019 Honors trip was to the Holy Land. The 2022 Honors trip is now accepting applications for the Reformation tour.

Students who complete the Honors Program receive recognition at commencement and recognition on the student’s transcript, which can provide advanced standing into a masters program or desired career.

Honors Program Application

Benefits of the Honors Program

  • Study abroad
  • Advanced academic standing
  • Honors reception prior to graduation
  • Recognition at commencement
  • Notation on diploma and transcript
  • Medallion at graduation
  • Noteworthy on a resume
  • Increases admission into many Master’s programs.

Students apply to the Honors Program during their freshman year.

Honors Program Course Descriptions

Honors Trips and Events 2021 – 2022

Honors Program Preview Trip

October 6-9, 2021 Washington DC

Museum of the Bible and Smithsonian Natural History Museum

Honors Preview TripMake Payment Honors Preview Trip

Fairway to Heaven

 4-Person Scramble!!!  Saturday, Nov 6, 2021

1:30pm  + Dinner Included

Fairway to Heaven Golf Scramble

Honors Program Reformation Tour

June 14-23, 2022

Switzerland, France, Germany

Reformation Tour

Answers to Your Question About the Honors Program

What are the requirements to apply to the Honors Program?

The Honors Program is a three-year program where an application for admission into the program takes place during the student’s freshman year of college.

Requirements to Apply:

  • Minimum score requirement of (29 on ACT)/1290 on SAT) and 3.5 GPA upon graduation from high school OR a GPA of at least 3.6 obtained during the first semester at Trinity College of Florida.
  • Interview by Honors Program Director.
  • Complete online application
  • For inquiries or more information on the Honors Program, please contact the Program Director, Dr. David Miller.

What classes are required in the Honors Program?

Each program candidate will take a variety of six honor classes during the course of their Sophomore-Senior years at Trinity College of Florida. One course option can be a one/two-week intensive class taken here at Trinity College, somewhere in the United States, or abroad.

Trinity Honors Program classes include:

  • Readings in Christian Thought/Theology 1 (Classical Period)
  • Reading in Christian Thought/Theology 2 (Modern Day Period)
  • Darwinism, Intelligent Design, and the Rhetoric of Science
  • Contemporary Issues in Ethics and Theology
  • C. S. Lewis – Apostle to the Skeptic
  • Western Civilization – Great Books

Note: A student can take each course in the summer which will count towards the six-course total.

What are the additional requirements for Honor Program students?

Summer Honors Seminar: During the course of the program, each Honors student will be required to attend and complete the curriculum in one of the summer seminars (one or two weeks long) offered every summer at Trinity College of Florida, somewhere in the United States, or abroad (e.g. Israel, Greece, Italy, United Kingdom).

Summer Honors Reading: A total of one to two books will be read each summer in the Honors Program under the umbrella of “Classics of the Christian Faith.”

Senior Research Project: Each senior student at Trinity College of Florida is required to complete a senior research project that demonstrates research in his or her chosen field. Participants in the Honors Program will successfully complete their research and may be given additional “honors level” requirements added to their project that will set their project apart in keeping with the high expectations of being in the Honors Program.

What Honors Courses Have Been Taught?

Honor Courses (Honors Course Descriptions)

  • Every Spring Darwinism, Intelligent Design
  • Spring 2020 C.S Lewis – Apostle to the Skeptic
  • Fall 2020 Western Civilization – Great Books
  • Spring 2021 Contemporary Issues in Theology and Ethics
  • Fall 2021 Readings in Christian Thought/Theology (Modern Period)
  • Spring 2022 Readings in Christian Thought/Theology (Classical Period)
  • Summer Honors Course History and Schedule
  • Summer 2015 Trip – England (Cambridge/Oxford/London – C.S. Lewis)
  • Summer 2016 – On-campus course
  • Summer 2017 Trip – East Coast (Yale, Princeton, NYC, Philadelphia – Early
  • Christian Revivals on College Campuses)
  • Summer 2018 Trip – Greece (Athens, Corinth), Italy (Venice, Rome) – Early
  • Travels of Paul in Christianity
  • Summer 2019 Trip – Israel
  • Summer 2020 – Museum of the Bible (Washington D.C.); Ark Encounter,
  • Creation Museum in Kentucky