T.H.A.T. Trinity’s Heart Against

Trafficking Student Group

Join the fight for freedom! T.H.A.T. raises awareness and promotes taking action to fight for victims of human trafficking. Trinity’s Heart Against Trafficking brings awareness in the College and in the community about human trafficking locally, nationally, and around the world. Students can get involved in joining this important work through all of the efforts of this group.

Faculty Sponsor: Leslie Rewald

“The God of Possible” interview with Allison King

Join a Student Group

Joining Student Groups is a great way to get involved on campus. Whether your motivation is to make a difference, make friends, or just have fun, our student groups offer a variety of events and activities. Groups vary each year, but always have one thing in common–bringing like-minded students together. Get involved on campus by joining a student group!

Participate in Christian Service

Students transform as they network and develop their ministry skills through our various hands-on Christian Service opportunities. Our Christian Service program involves weekly participation in a specific ministry. It provides an opportunity to give practical expression to what you are learning in the classroom. You’ll gain useful experience, spiritual growth, maturity, and practical skills. This is your opportunity to go into your church and community and change lives for Christ!


A Campus Visit

Visiting our campus is a great way to get a feel for what Trinity College is like. Take a tour with an admissions representative and gain clarity on your future.