Psychology Course Descriptions

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CLP 3146 Psychopathology*
3 Credit Hours
PREREQUISITE: PSY 1012 General Psychology
This course exams the major categories of mental disorders. Diagnostic criteria, treatment methods, and legislation applicable to the emotionally disturbed are studied. Local agencies which provide services to the mentally disordered are reviewed.

DEP 2004 Developmental Psychology*
3 Credit Hours
Human psychological development from birth to death is studied. Consideration is given to psychological, emotional, cognitive, social, moral, and spiritual development and experiences.

EDP 2002 Educational Psychology*
3 Credit Hours
This course focuses on the psychological bases of educational theory and practice, and includes studies of the developmental characteristics of children, principles of learning as applied to the classroom, and the nature and significance of individual differences.

EXP 3604 Cognitive Psychology*
3 Credit Hours
This course concentrates on topics important to human cognition. We focus on how people acquire, process, and store information. We also examine human cognition factors such as memory, attention, problem-solving, reasoning, and decision making.

PCO 3004 Counseling Psychology*
3 Credit Hours
This course covers the major theoretical perspectives of counseling, including psychoanalytic, behavioral, family systems, and the cognitive approaches discussed within a Christian framework. Each approach includes philosophical assumptions about human functioning, hypothesis about behavioral changes, and the goals and methodologies of these counseling approaches.

PPE 3003 Theories of Personality*
3 Credit Hours
This course examines the major psychological approaches to the development of the human personality. Emphasis is placed on the application of these theories to a variety of useful settings that include counseling, church, interpersonal relationships, and personal self-understanding. Questions this course attempts to answer: 1. What is personality? 2. Are personalities shaped by our genes or by our environment? 3. Are we stuck with the same personality across our lifespan or do we change chameleon-like according to the situation? 4. Is there one personality type that is better than another? 5. How can we tell if someone’s behavior falls outside the boundaries of normal personality characteristics?

PSY 1012 General Psychology*
3 Credit Hours
This course is an introduction to the field of psychology. It includes the history, scientific methodology, major theoretical schools of thought, various approaches to interpersonal functioning, and human development.

PSY 3213 Research Methods I*
3 Credit Hours
PREREQUISITE: STA 2026 Statistics
This course introduces research design in psychology and the social sciences including both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Topics include ethics in research, statistics applied to the behavioral sciences, and the use of electronic statistical packages such as SPSS.

PSY 3215 Research Methods II*
3 Credit Hours
PREREQUISITES: STA 2026 Statistics/ PSY 3213 Research Methods I
The emphasis in this course will be the hands-on application of quantitative and qualitative research design and methods. Students will plan a research project including completing a literature review, writing a research proposal, choosing a research method, carrying out the research, and writing an APA style report on their findings.

PSYC 4081/PSYC 4082 Psychology Internship
0 Credit Hours

PSYC 4104 Psychology Seminar*
3 Credit Hours
This course is an intensive investigation of selected advanced topics in psychology. These topics will vary by semester, and the course will require a significant level of student research and participation.

SOP 4004 Social Psychology*
3 Credit Hours
This course studies the social foundations of behavior, how people think, feel and behave within a social context, focusing on theoretical perspectives and scientific research. Topics include affiliation, aggression and altruism, attitude formation, helping behavior, group dynamics, and compliance and conformity.

SOP 4451 Psychology of Religion and Spirituality*
3 Credit Hours
PREREQUISITE: PSY 1012 General Psychology.
This course focuses on religious/spiritual development, the relationship between personality and religion/spirituality, and the research on religious questions and spirituality.

*indicates this course is included in the Statewide Course Numbering System.

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