Pastoral and Youth Ministry Course Descriptions

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GNMN 3011/ 4011 Ministry Internship
0 Credit Hours
Internships: Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts degree programs except for Advanced Theological Studies majors are required to participate in a minimum two semester internship program in their specialized fields. The internship program is practical field work in a specialized area of ministry and will be supervised by the student’s academic advisor. A written report of the field experience will be submitted at the end of the second semester and will be graded by the academic advisor. It will be graded with satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

PAST 3301 Introduction to Preaching
3 Credit Hours
PREREQUISITE: BIBL 2331 Hermeneutics. Students are taught the art of textual analysis and sermon preparation, including background studies, speakers’ file, objective evaluation of audience, outline techniques, and a variety of types of messages varying in development, purpose, and presentation.

PAST 3302 Sermon Preparation
3 Credit Hours
PREREQUISITE: PAST 3301 Introduction to Preaching. Explores ways to discover, extract, develop, apply, and deliver a message taken from a text of Scripture. The expository method is viewed as a primary preaching method for pastors.

PAST 4301 Pastoral Methods
3 Credit Hours
Practical principles of performing pastoral duties are studied, including pastoral qualifications and call, maintaining the pastor’s home and family life, finances, work schedules, and pastoral ethics. Other duties such as home visitation, institutional visitation, baptisms, serving the Lord’s Supper, weddings, funerals, and business meetings of the church are explored. A unit on denominations, their distinctive tenets, and contributions is included.

PAST 4341 Pastoral Methods Practicum
3 Credit Hours
Students will complete a supervised Pastoral experience in a professional setting. The primary focus is on preaching, preparation, pastoral counseling, and other pastoral duties outlined in the Pastoral Methods Practicum Manual.

YUTH 3301 Youth Ministry Skills
3 Credit Hours
This is a practical course where students learn and integrate essential educational methodologies within an extended youth activities and curriculum development project. The process of nurturing teen leadership will also be incorporated.

YUTH 3302 Communicating to Youth
3 Credit Hours
The purpose of this class is to equip the student with the skills of creative Bible teaching and dynamic speaking to adolescents. Emphasis is given to both the principles and practices of teaching and speaking to youth.

YUTH 4311 Youth Evangelism and Discipleship
3 Credit Hours
This course is a study of the principles, programming. and strategy needed in today’s culture to develop a discipling and evangelizing
youth ministry. An emphasis will be placed upon practical application within the church setting.

YUTH 4331 Youth Ministry Skills Practicum
3 Credit Hours
Students will complete a supervised Youth experience in a professional setting. The primary focus is on event preparation, small group development, and other youth minister duties outlined in the Youth Ministry Skills Practicum Manual.

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