Student Learning Outcomes – Psychology/Counseling Concentration

Student Outcomes – Psychology/Counseling Concentration

Trinity College of Florida’s (TCF) Office of Institutional Effectiveness supports the mission, values, and core commitments by providing institutional research and leadership in the areas of accreditation and assessment. Trinity College of Florida measures and reports the outcomes of student experiences academically, professionally and spiritually. Listed below are Student Learning Outcomes, Retention Rates, Graduation Rates, Cohort Size (enrollment data) and Graduate Employment in Program-related occupations (including academic outcomes).

Program Outcomes/Goals:

Students will have a basic understanding of the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in psychology.

Counseling Skills Lab: A counseling comprehensive exam is given to all seniors when they take Counseling Skills Lab (this is generally the last counseling course taken). This assessment measures how well the student has learned to apply the major concepts, empirical findings and historical trends in the field of Counseling Psychology. Average grade: 92%

Seminar in Group Dynamics is a course that takes the student into the application of the theories, concepts and trends by applying what they have learned to actual cases and case studies the student creates. Case study average grade: 84%


Student will have the ability to weigh evidence, act ethically, and integrate Christian value with psychology as a discipline.


Introduction to Counseling is a course based on the basics of Christian counseling. AN assignment that supports this program outcome is The application of the Gospel of Matthew toward counseling. This is done in 4 parts with an average grade of:

Introduction to counseling the assignment “The Armor of God,” Where Ephesians 6:10-18 is applied to counseling scenarios. Average grade: 88%

Crisis Counseling: “The attribute of Jesus,” is an assignment where the student needs to research the attributes of Jesus as a counselor and determine the short comings in their own hearts that might keep them from walking closer with Jesus as a counselor. Average grade: 94%


A student will display professional skills in the area of his or her concentration.

The Counseling Psychology internship is where the student gets to display their professional skills. Average grade: Pass

Counseling Skills Lab: In this course students are assigned to do a bulk of their classroom experience outside of the classroom. One particular assignment that meets the goal of, “displaying professional skills in the counseling concentration is “Website/Vs. Reality,” where the student visits a mental health facility after having reviewed the facility’s website and visits with the facility to discuss their theoretical and theological orientation.  Average grade: 85%