Student Learning Outcomes – General Education

Student Outcomes – General Education

Trinity College of Florida’s (TCF) Office of Institutional Effectiveness supports the mission, values, and core commitments by providing institutional research and leadership in the areas of accreditation and assessment. Trinity College of Florida measures and reports the outcomes of student experiences academically, professionally and spiritually. Listed below are Student Learning Outcomes, Retention Rates, Graduation Rates, Cohort Size (enrollment data) and Graduate Employment in Program-related occupations (including academic outcomes).

A general knowledge of the content of Scripture

  • 100% of students who earn an AA degree in General Studies earned a passing grade in Hermeneutics and at least four Bible elective courses.

College level competence in the general studies skills that form the foundation of all learning: reading, writing, composition and critical thinking.

  • 85% of students enrolled English Comp II earned a  passing grade 2021-2022 (22 out of 26.)

Introductory knowledge of Western Culture integrating themes from history, science, and philosophy of literature.

  • 88% Success rate for integration of various themes with knowledge of Western culture.
  • 70% 12 of 16 students enrolled in the 202-2021 Literature courses (AML 1000 and AML 2052) took the final exam and earned a 70% or better of the possible points to meet this objective.