Safety Team Member

Job ID 14055
Posted On October 5, 2022
Position Type Full Time
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Position Summary: The Safety Team Member is responsible for securing all buildings of the campus.
Department: Facilities

Supervisor: Facilities Manager

Job Duties and Responsibilities:
Safety team members are responsible for locking doors and rooms throughout all buildings on campus, according to the weekly schedule. Safety Team Member checks  them periodically throughout their shift to ensure that they remain locked. Members will perform regular patrols of the property and will be monitoring cameras between patrols to ensure resident students are abiding by college rules. They are responsible for keeping unauthorized vehicles and people from being on property. Members are also responsible for enforcing curfew and filling out incident reports for any situations that occur during their shift. The shifts are 8 hours, various times, including overnight.

The Safety Team Member should have a minimum of a high school diploma (or equivalent). Computer experience. As with all positions at Trinity, a personal commitment to Jesus Christ and evidence of a Christian lifestyle are required of this employee.


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