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Posted On February 13, 2023
Position Type Full Time
Contact Academic Vice President of Trinity College of Florida, Eric J. Bargerhuff, PhD.

Job description: Full-time Registrar who oversees the Traditional Day and Adult Degree Completion Program (Trinity Quest). The registrar is a key administrative role that provides services in registering of students for classes, maintaining all student records, data collection and reporting (in cooperation with the Director of Institutional Effectiveness).

Salary range – $45,000 / year (plus medical insurance, $15,000 term life policy, 401K retirement program).

Reports to: The Vice President for Academic Affairs

Remote: No

Job Responsibilities
General Unscheduled

  • Assist academic advisors in the registering of students in their programs by providing academic advisors with student degree audits in a timely manner for advising accepted applicants.
  • Serve as academic advisor for undeclared students
  • Maintain student information system database – which includes all data pertaining to students, records management and retention
  • Perform transcript evaluations for traditional and Quest degree completion programs (which includes the evaluation of unofficial transcripts of high school students for provisional acceptance) and issue transcript requests
  • Manage the transferring and awarding of academic credits in conjunction with other accredited institutions
  • Continue to track and move all academic files to electronic records
  • Update policy and procedure manual in area where appropriate (with the approval of the Vice
    President for Academic Affairs)
  • Work with the Statewide Course Numbering System to determine appropriate course codes
  • Serve on Assessment and Planning Committee, Scholarship Committee (Chair), and Academic Affairs Committee
  • Handle NCCAA Reporting
  • Work with the Financial Aid office to allow access to enrollment information, grades, transcripts, etc. in Oasis; Provide information on students (CIP codes, grade level, program, etc. that feed into PowerFAIDS); provide information for audits, especially VA audits, and annual reports
  • Communicate with prospective students on campus tours and electronic communication as needed

Every Year

  • Assist the Director of Institutional Effectiveness with various student assessment instruments
  • Perform degree audits for potential graduates
  • Write annual Registrar Administrative Assessment and Planning Report for institution’s annual plan
  • Coordinate and run student assessment day, scholarship chapel, graduation and convocation ceremonies

Every Semester

  • Update regularly the registration reports and enrollment and retention counts, and submit them to appropriate departments (primarily enrollment and student development)
  • Submit school-wide statistics needed for Wintergreen, Petersons, and the College Board Report. IPEDS reports and ABHE Annual Reports (both related only to registrar information should be submitted to the Director of Institutional Effectiveness for submission.
  • Implement curriculum changes with current students.
  • Manage the Pre-registration/registration of students.
  • Provide class cancellation information to all necessary parties
  • Oversee the add/drop process of all classes and withdrawals from the college
  • Coordinate with full-time and part-time faculty to produce each semester’s course schedule
  • Provide end of semester reports: Grade reports to faculty and probation reports
  • Create Semester Schedules
  • Report student enrollment to National Student Loan Database System every other month

General Requirements
1. Must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited school, masters degree preferred.
2. A resume, two letters of reference, a statement of faith and personal testimony, as well as all applicable transcripts sent to the Academic Vice President of Trinity College of Florida, Eric J.
Bargerhuff, PhD. eric.bargerhuff@trinitycollege.edu
3. A completed staff application form.
4. Some experience working with Learning Management Systems (LMS). Trinity College uses Canvas and Oasis.
5. An organized, administratively minded, service-oriented person who has excellent communication and people skills, is flexible, and is able to constructively work together with faculty, staff, students, and other departments.
6. Experience with record keeping, spreadsheets, and database operations.
7. Ability to exercise confidentiality and abide by appropriate laws and policies in handling student

Conditions of Employment
1. Models the Biblical standard of personal conduct and lifestyle.
2. Supports and adheres to the Mission, Vision, Values, and Lifestyle statement of Trinity College of Florida.
3. Supports the Trinity College of Florida Statement of Faith.
4. Supports and adheres to the Policies and Procedures Handbook.
5. Minority candidates are encouraged to apply.

About Trinity College of Florida

Trinity College of Florida is a private, nonprofit, nondenominational Christian Bible college located in Trinity Florida, near the beautiful Gulf Coast in the Greater Tampa Bay area. Established in 1932 by founder Dr. W. T. Watson, our school’s mission is to “provide a biblically-centered education, equipping servant leaders for life and career opportunities.” Trinity College of Florida has been known for its long legacy of being the best in Christian higher education and ministry preparation. We are distinctly evangelical.

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