Director of Financial Aid

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Posted On March 26, 2020
Position Type Part Time
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Position Summary: The Director for Financial Aid is responsible for the administration of all institutional, state, and federal financial aid and for ensuring compliance with all relevant program guidelines.

Department: Enrollment

Supervisor: Vice President for Enrollment

Essential Functions:
Maintain good standing with federal and state agencies by making proper application to each entity and by complying with federal and state regulations
Maintain complete and accurate student files in compliance with Department of Education standards
Stay current on changes in federal and state programs, taking necessary steps to maintain institutional eligibility for all relevant programs
Complete and submit annual FISAP report to the Department of Education
Provide all documentation and support for the completion of the annual federal, state, and institutional audit reports
Reconcile all accounts on a semester and annual basis with the Department of Education and the Business Office
Determine federal and state student eligibility using the ISIR and FAA
Review and/or perform verification process on student selected by the Department of Education and/or Trinity College
Supervise the Financial Aid department staff
Provide updated information for the Trinity College catalog
Develop, implement and revise policies and procedures to ensure compliance with federal and state laws, regulations and college policies and procedures
Oversee the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) process.
Administer appeals process related to SAP and Special Circumstances. Establish appeals committee and appeal guidelines. Train appeals committee and ensure they follow procedural and regulatory requirements. Notify students of appeal outcomes and counsel students on available options
Develop, modify, implement and maintain the application intake and tracking process for proper documentation of all awards for audit trail. Maintain fund control records in accordance with funding level limitations. Oversee complete federal, state, and institutional reports including applications for federal funding and reports the expenditures of funds allocated, such as FISAP.
Coordinate internal reconciliation efforts and report to reviewing entities, such as auditors, program reviews, and accreditation teams
Oversees or does all Title IV Refunds for students who withdraw
Provide entrance and exit loan counseling to students
Provide counseling for students who are adding or dropping classes or may be thinking about withdrawing from the institution
Work with Business Office to ensure accurate and timely exchange of information and awards
Lead staff meetings, share information as appropriate, promote the development of ideas for improved service and efficiency, and encourage teamwork
Approve payroll work authorizations for all department staff.
Facilitate coordination and communication between respective college departments as they relate to the Financial Aid Office’s role in creating a positive educational experience for students. Integrate efforts to maximize Financial Aid’s role in recruiting and retention.
Develop and maintain financial aid, cost of attendance budgets.
With the help of staff, develop, design, revise, and update all publications (website, college catalog and other media) relating to financial aid, such as financial aid applications, forms used for tracking applications, correspondence forms, and brochures.
Knowledge. Skills and Abilities: Ongoing
Knowledge of government, donor and/or institutional rules, regulations, guidelines, and procedures for awarding of financial aid.
Knowledge of and skill in automated processing.
Skill in both verbal and written communication.
Ability to multi-task and to organize and manage assigned projects with maximum productivity.
Ability to adhere to confidentiality and FERPA regulations
Ability to maintain a professional demeanor and to provide information in a helpful and friendly manner.

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