Director of Business and Finance

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Posted On December 1, 2021
Position Type Part Time
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Director of Business and Finance

Job description
The Director of Business and Finance is responsible for the administration of all Business , Finance and Facilities departments.
Reports to: The President

Location: Trinity College of Florida, Trinity, Florida

Job Responsibilities
The responsibilities of this position involve oversight of cash management and budget implementation in coordination with department heads.  Supervision of Business Office functions, including human resources, student accounts, accounts payable, accounting/bookkeeping functions, oversight of facilities management, and food service.

There is a full-time staff of three that will assist this individual in oversight along with the President’s assistance.

This is a part-time position for a person who has transitioned out of financial management due to retirement or a person seeking a part-time position within a Christian College environment.  This position can also become a full-time Vice President for Business and Finance.

Physical responsibilities

  1. Must be able to lift 30lbs.
  2. Ability to sit and stand long periods of time.
  3. Ability to sit, kneel, and squat
  4. Ability to hear and see to interact with software applications, and customers both face to face and on electronic devices.

 Conditions of Employment

  1. Models the Biblical standard of personal conduct and lifestyle.
  2. Supports and adheres to the Mission, Vision, Values, and Lifestyle statement of Trinity College of Florida.
  3. Supports the Trinity College of Florida Statement of Faith.
  4. Supports and adheres to Trinity College of Florida Policies and Procedures Handbook.


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