Assistant Facilities Manager

Job ID 7423
Posted On August 26, 2021
Position Type Full Time
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Ensure the day-to-day operations of the campus, including janitorial, safety, property upkeep, site services, and general maintenance/repairs are implemented and carried out in a manner consistent with college policies, directives, and needs.
•Under the direction of the Facility Manager, respond promptly to requests for building maintenance, repairs, cleaning needs.
•Assist in providing information and reports necessary for the development of schedules and plans for the facility. This includes contributions towards long-term plans of maintenance, facility improvement, and cost reduction initiatives
•Expected to be familiar with the managing a crew, vendor agreements, and other building/facility needs and all requirements contained therein
•Proactively inspect the facility, systems, rooms, common areas, etc. and report back any findings or issues to the Facility Manager

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