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AFA 2220 African American Leadership*
3 Credit Hours
An in-depth analysis of effective leadership traits within the context of historical perspective. The emphasis of the course will focus on the unique challenges of the African American experience. The core elements of the study will include the concept, development, and exercise of leadership from the African American model of notable leaders: past and present.

AMH 1010 United States History to 1865*
3 Credit Hours
The study of United States history to 1865 emphasizing the European background, the Revolution, the Articles of the Confederation, the Constitution, the problems of the new republic, sectionalism, manifest destiny, slavery, and the Civil War.

AMH 1020 United States History Since 1865*
3 Credit Hours
The study of United States history from 1865 to the present. This study includes the Reconstruction, growth of big business, the agrarian revolt, Latin American affairs, the Progressive Movement, World War I, and political, economic, and world affairs since World
War II.

EUH 1000 History of Modern Western Civilization I*
3 Credit Hours
This course covers the origins and development of Western Civilization beginning with the ancient world and classical civilizations, the Middle Ages, the transition to modern states and politics of power, the Protestant and Catholic Reformations, and the Commercial Revolution of the 16th Century. Emphasis is placed on the relevance of the political, social, economic, and cultural trends of each period upon our present world society.

EUH 1001 History of Modern Western Civilization II*
3 Credit Hours
This course covers the evolution and continuation of Western Civilization since the 16th century. A study of governments from absolutism to democracy, European power politics, duels for world empire; scientific, cultural, political, social and industrial revolutions, nationalism, imperialism, and global conflicts. Emphasis is placed on relevance of past history upon our present world society.

HIST 2342 American Government*
3 Credit Hours
An overview of the functions, problems, and development of American government is conducted. Emphasis will be placed on the foundation of American Government and its specific form by examining the constitutional framework, the significance of federalism, institutional structures, issues, public policy, and popular participation.

REL 1506 Church History*
3 Credit Hours
This course surveys the growth of the church from the apostolic era to the present, noting the development of church doctrine, dogma, men, movements, and the rise and growth of Protestant denominations.

*indicates this course is included in the Statewide Course Numbering System.

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