General Ministry Course Descriptions GNMN

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GNMN 1302 Evangelism and Discipleship
3 Credit Hours
This course introduces students to various methods of sharing their faith at the personal level. Special needs of various groups will be assessed. Programs, materials, and activities commonly used will
be examined. Attention is also given to the Biblical basis for and principles of discipleship. Discipleship literature, problem areas and their solutions are examined. The course will include participation
in real life evangelistic and discipleship experiences.

GNMN 2311 Critical Thinking
3 Credit Hours
The purpose of this course is to equip students to recognize and analyze argumentation as it occurs in a variety of contexts such as editorials, discussions, speeches, argumentative essays, and
academic texts. To accomplish this, we will study the components of good arguments, different types of arguments, common ways in which arguments can go wrong, and techniques of criticizing
and constructing arguments.

GNMN 3011/GNMN 4011 General Ministry Internship
0 Credit Hours

Internships: Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts degree programs except for Advanced Theological Studies majors are required to participate in a minimum two semester internship program in their specialized fields. The internship program is practical field work in a specialized area of ministry and will be supervised by the student’s academic advisor. A written report of the field experience will be submitted at the end of the second semester and will be graded by the academic advisor. It will be graded with satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

GNMN 3311 Small Group Planning and Development
3 Credit Hours
This course surveys the movement in our day with materials, programs, and techniques of small growth within churches. An examination of best practices and models will be studied. Actual
implementation will begin as part of this course as well as a cohesive strategy for how small groups fits into the overall function and purpose of the local church.

GNMN 4301 Christian Leadership
3 Credit Hours
Studies in the principles of Christian leadership as they relate to character, vision, responsibility, accountability, team, style, etc. Examines the leadership of godly individuals in Scripture and in
the contemporary world. Examines leadership literature, discusses leadership problems with the purpose of determining Biblical solutions.

GNMN 4302 Senior Research Seminar
3 Credit Hours
This course is an interdisciplinary, integrative, research-oriented course in which students learn advanced research techniques. Each student writes a 35-40 page research paper integrating an element of their major with their Christian world view. Papers are presented to the class in sessions that are open to other members of the College community.

SLS 1501 College and Career Success*
3 Credit Hours
This course provides students with essential study skills necessary to succeed at the collegiate level. Students will study topics such as learning styles, time management, reading comprehension, note-taking techniques, and test-taking skills.

*indicates this course is included in the Statewide Course Numbering System.

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