Elementary Education Course Descriptions

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DE 1001 Introduction to Elementary Education*
3 Credit Hours
This course introduces beginning education students to teaching and attempts to present a realistic look at the real world of students, teachers, classrooms, and schools. It is an overview of the history, issues, and challenges which teachers face in their professional lives.

EDE 1228 Methods of Teaching Language Arts*
3 Credit Hours
This course provides materials, methods, and techniques of instruction, and demonstrates strategies in correlating the language arts program with the other areas of instruction.

ELED 1302 Philosophy of Education
3 Credit Hours
This course provides a background of educational philosophies from a secular and Christian perspective. It contains a review of the traditional and contemporary philosophical positions and the educational theories derived from these positions. This course also explores the Christian worldview as a basis for classroom management and curriculum theory and practice.

EDE 2311 Methods of Teaching Mathematics*
3 Credit Hours
This course provides methods and techniques in the instruction of basic mathematical competency, with an emphasis on problem solving. The use of manipulative material is emphasized in conceptual teaching.

ELED 3091 Field Experience Internships*
3 Credit Hours
The Field Experience Internships are an opportunity for the Elementary Education Major to acquire additional exposure to working in a classroom with a supervising teacher that will help to prepare the student for their Student Teaching Internship in their final year. Students will also complete the ACSI certification requirements as part of this class.

EDE 3213 Methods of Teaching Social Studies and Art*
3 Credit Hours
This course prepares pre-service teachers to understand the importance of teaching Social Studies in their classrooms as a means of equipping their students for life in a diverse world that is always changing. Students will gain both a knowledge of theory and practice necessary to effectively teach Social Studies. Students will also learn how to integrate art as a teaching tool for Social Studies, as well as, other subjects.

EDE 3223 Methods of Teaching Music and Physical Education*
3 Credit Hours
This course is designed to help the classroom teacher effectively integrate music and physical education activities into their units and lesson plans. Students will learn to appreciate the importance of music and physical education as memorable teaching tools. An emphasis will be made on accumulating resources for future use in the classroom.

EDE 3318 Methods of Teaching Reading*
3 Credit Hours
This course provides various techniques and methods of reading instruction for word recognition, and literal, interpretive, and critical comprehension skills. Strategies are presented for language development.

ELED 4092 Student Teaching Program
12 Credit Hours
This course is open only to students who have senior standing, are fully qualified as prospective graduates, and have completed the required courses. Students may choose to be placed for their internship in Christian schools, public schools, charter schools or overseas mission schools (for those students who are interested in being missionary teachers and meet the requirements). Placement of student teachers in schools is facilitated by the Elementary Education Program Director, and students are not to pursue arrangements on their own with teachers or school administrators. The Student Teaching Internship experience must take place within an approved school and classroom grade level setting as identified and confirmed by the Program Director. Student teachers must observe and be mentored under the direct daily guidance of an experienced supervising teacher.

Students observe in an elementary classroom under the supervision of a qualified teacher and the Director of Elementary Education. The student teacher is expected to observe classroom management and procedures, discipline techniques, testing, record keeping, conferences, and meetings. The student teacher must observe and assist the classroom teacher in directed teaching activities and planning lessons, and gradually begin to take on additional classroom responsibilities when ready.

The student teaches under the joint supervision of their supervising teacher, principal, and the Director of Elementary Education, gradually teaching more and more each day. He/she develops and implements lesson plans for all subjects which culminate in the student teacher completely running the classroom for a period of two weeks under the supervision of the classroom teacher. Student teachers are required to attend scheduled seminars with other student teachers, keep a journal, make a videotape of a lesson they teach, and complete a professional portfolio.

EDE 4228 Teaching Children’s Literature*
3 Credit Hours
This course surveys the works of authors and illustrators whose materials are relevant to children, teaching recognition of appropriate age for reading and correlation of literature with unit work taught in the classroom.

ELED 4300 Philosophy of Christian School Education
3 Credit Hours
This course meets a requirement for fulfilling the ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) Certification Program. The course consists of a three hour in-service video with text on the Philosophy of Christian Education, another two hour in-service video with text on Classroom Discipline, as well as two books, one exploring paths to a unity between Christianity and Education, and the other addressing the foundations to final assessment of Christian Education in a Democracy. This class is for non Elementary Education majors who want to teach Bible in Christian Schools. They would not be certified to teach anything but Bible.

EDE 4317 Methods of Teaching Science, Health, and Safety*
3 Credit Hours
This course provides methods and material for the teaching of the life science, physical science, and earth science in the elementary classroom. It promotes scientific literacy and an appreciation for the natural environment through concrete and relevant application of science.

RED 4519 Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading Instruction*
3 Credit Hours
Students learn to sequence developmental skills and concepts of reading, recognize and diagnose reading problems, and remediate and utilize appropriate methods and materials to increase reading performance.

*indicates this course is included in the Statewide Course Numbering System.

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