Psalm 121:2 – My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.

This is a simple passage with a profound truth. The Lord IS your help. A tornado may destroy your house, and the insurance company can give you money to fix or replace that house. But insurance cannot provide you the required peace or security when you realize life is never that simple. Yes, ultimately, a house is just a possession filled with smaller possessions but upending your life and living with an open-ended uncertainty is stressful. Or maybe you got sick for a few days. Or a few weeks. Your employer can be flexible and understanding, but the world does not pause for our setbacks. So now you are rushing to get better (which never works) to avoid getting behind at work or home. But honestly, those are good scenarios. What if your homeowner’s insurance denied your claim or your boss fired you for being sick? Who helps you then? Running out of gas, stolen wallets, locking your keys in your car, and forgetting a meeting are things that happen every day. Add to that list: pandemics, drunk-driving accidents, divorce, cancer… you get the picture. Where do you go for help when these stressful and sometimes life-altering events happen? Only one person promised to always be there for us (Matt. 28:20). It is He who “made heaven and earth.” Just think of it, that Guy wants to help you. Bill Gates can offer to pay all your bills, and your problems will still be present. But the God of the universe has offered to be your help. Fall on your knees and seek Him. Give up your pride and ask for help. Allow Him the chance to prove Himself. He will not let you down.

David Miller, is the Associate Dean for the traditional program, assistance professor of Bible and theology, Director of the honors program.

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