John 6:66-68 – “As a result of this many of His disciples left, and would no longer walk with Him. So Jesus said to the twelve, ‘You do not want to leave also, do you?’ Simon Peter answered Him, ‘Lord, to whom shall we go? You have words of eternal life.'” 

Jesus taught some complicated truths to the people, and many of them left seeking other teachers. Jesus was not a good example of how to win friends and influence people. But there was a group that did not leave Him. Let’s be honest, it is likely that these remaining followers did not fully understand what Jesus was really saying. Yet, they did not leave Him. O, that we would believe the same as Peter did! What would the body of Christ look like if we simply went to the Scriptures alone to find the truth? Truth is absolute. That means that truth is not someone’s opinion or a long-held belief. It must be grounded (tested) and infallible (without mistake). Oprah is not truth. She may quote truth from time to time, but she does not embody truth. Neither does Dr. Phil, Dear Abby, Steve Harvey, or anyone else who gives advice for a living. But here is the hard truth for some of us. John Piper is not truth either. Neither is Josh McDowell, John MacArthur, Matt Chandler, Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer, or any other religious leader. No, the Word of God alone is truth. The Word of God contains the “words of eternal life.” There is no other source. In the church today, it is popular to listen to our favorite pastors and teachers on podcasts while we drive, or work, or work out. But what if we used that time to listen to the Bible? What if we used that time to hears God’s own words instead of hearing about God’s words? Let us be believers who know God instead of believers who know about God. When people ask, “What are you listening to?” It would be great if we could say, “I’m listening to the Bible.” Let us not get lost in secondary sources when we are seeking the source of truth.

David R. Miller, is the Associate Dean for the traditional program, assistance professor of Bible and theology, Director of the honors program.

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