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MAR 3613/MKTG 3613 Marketing Research & Strategy*
3 Credit Hours
This course explores research in the context of making marketing decisions. This course assists in developing the skills necessary to make marketing decisions by providing students the ability to interpret market research, consumer research, opinion research, and survey research. Marketing Research & Strategy is an applied and practical course surveying contemporary advanced research methods and statistical techniques applied to business settings. The development and implementation of a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative marketing research project focused on a current marketing problem will be conducted assists in solidifying learning.

MNGT 3322 Leadership and Organization in Sports Management
3 Credit Hours
This course will provide an introduction to sports management. This course will also provide an application for the development of skills necessary to be an effective and efficient leader regarding communication, human resources, motivation, organizational culture, and decision-making in basic organizational structures found in the sport industry.

MNGT 4319 Managerial Leadership
3 Credit Hours
This course emphasis how leaders position and guide their organizations using vision and strategy to help them meet internal and external demands for continuous improvement.

MNGT 4323 Business Financial Management
3 Credit Hours
Students will study the common principles and differing philosophies of effective financial management in for-profit and nonprofit contexts. This course instructs students on the main financial concepts and tools needed for effective business planning, including transactional analysis and cash flow management.

*indicates this course is included in the Statewide Course Numbering System.

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