DNA Conference

Signature in the Cell: Uncovering DNA’s Design

November 12, 2022 | 9am – 2pm

Brought to you by the C.S. Lewis Society and Trinity College of Florida

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DNA Conference: Signature in the Cell, Uncovering DNA’s Design

November 12, 2022 | 9am – 2pm

For High School Students and Learners of All Ages
  • $10 per person – Lunch Included
  • Space is Limited
  • Brought to you by the C.S. Lewis Society and Trinity College of Florida
  • Trinity College of Florida Chapel (Raymond H. Center Library 2nd Floor)
    2430 Welbilt Blvd, Trinity, FL 34655

Featured Speakers

Dr. Berkley Gryder – Case Western Reserve University, Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences, School of Medicine | A chemist who retrained as a molecular biologist and computer scientist. He is passionate about understanding how cancer cells control their genes and developing new chemical strategies to stop cancer cells’ addiction to gene transcription. Along the way, he has proposed paradigm shifts and surprises that are explaining old conundrums. Recognizing that the “right” answer to a tough question is often out of reach with current tools.

Dr. Tom Woodward – Trinity College of Florida & C.S. Lewis Society | He is the founder of the C.S. Lewis Society and a professor at Trinity College of Florida, teaching courses in science, philosophy, theology, anthropology and communications. A graduate of Princeton University, he obtained his Th.M. in Systematic Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary and his Ph.D. from the University of South Florida. He authored Doubts about Darwin (a 2004 Book of the Year–Christianity Today magazine) and co-edited Darwinism Under the Microscope with Dr. James Gills. Darwin Strikes Back: Defending the Science of Intelligent Design (2006) continued to trace the history of the debate over Darwinism and design theory, and more recently (2012) Dr. Woodward teamed up with Dr. James Gills to produce The Mysterious Epigenome: What Lies Beyond DNA.