The Office of Student Development

Dave’s Corner

Christian service declaration deadline September 9th for day students, September 16th for Quest students.
Christian Service Declaration link, Christian Service Supervisor link

  • The organization’s name that you are helping with
  • The supervisor’s name, phone number and email
  • The area of service in which you will be helping in (ex. working in kids ministry at church)

Spiritual Emphasis Week Week 9/14 – 9/16

See you at the pole, Wednesday, September 22nd 7:30am. Sponsored by Col. Charles Massey Student Group. See you at the pole is an annual gathering of Christian students at flag poles, at churches, on the internet, for the purpose of worship and prayer.

Fall break October 7th and 8th no classes

David DeLisle, Director of Student Life

Chapel Schedule

  • Monday 10:50am (student chapel)
  • Tuesday 10:50am (small groups)
  • Wednesday 10:50am (student groups)
  • Thursday 10:50am (president’s chapel)

Chapel attendance is mandatory for all full-time students (12 credit hours or more) see p.19 student handbook. Students with classes immediately before and after chapel services are required to attend chapel. Students are allowed up to 5 absences in a semester. Attendance is taken on Monday’s during student chapel, Tuesdays for small groups, and Thursdays at the Presidential chapel, (all chapels begin at 10:50am).

Student Groups

All meeting times are at 10:50am unless stated otherwise

STSG (Speaking Truth Student Group)
Thursdays at noon – weekly, Room A113

SGA (Student Government Association)
Tuesdays at noon, weekly, Room A113

EIA (Education in Action)
Wednesday every week in the Library (1st and 3rd weeks – 11:30/2nd  and 4th weeks – 10:50)

CCMG (Col. Charles Massey Group)
Wednesday, every other week in room A103 (1st and 3rd weeks)

Above the Net
Wednesdays every other week in A103 (2nd and 4th weeks)

T.H.A.T. (Trinity’s Heart Against Trafficking)
Wednesday every other week in room A112 (1st and 3rd weeks)

GCMF (Great Commission Mission)
Wednesday every other week in room A112 (2nd and 4th weeks – 11:30am)

Wednesday every other week in room A205 (1st and 3rd weeks – 10:50am)


Athletic Schedules

1 Dec

Mens Basketball

Webber International JV

Wednesday - 7:30 pm @ Webber International - Babson Park, FL

3 Dec

Mens Basketball

Pensacola Christian College (Central Time Zone)

Friday - 8:30 pm @ Pensacola Christian College - Pensacola, FL

18 Jan

Mens Basketball

Red Devils Basketball Academy

Tuesday - 6:00 pm @ Home - New Port Richey Recreation Center

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College Calendar

6 Dec

Final exam week 12/6 – 12/10

Monday -

9 Dec

Residence Hall closes

Thursday -

23 Dec

Campus Closed for Christmas Holidays Dec. 23-Jan. 3rd

Thursday -

13 Jan

Residence Hall opens

Thursday -

13 Jan

Returning Student Registration

Thursday - 9:00 am


Dear Students,
Another academic year is upon us, which will certainly be filled with the joys and pains of pursuing a college education. Although we may anticipate many of these moments, others will certainly come unexpectedly. Either way, we will be faced with countless opportunities to show our God and Savior just how faithful we can be in all things, including the maintenance of our college
community. The Trinity College of Florida Student Handbook sets forth the College’s policies regarding lifestyle. We must all understand that these guidelines are not intended to negate your enjoyment while attending Trinity College but are designed to organize life within this community of faith. Therefore, you must adhere to these guidelines as a testimony to your stewardship, obedience, and gratitude. We understand that the guidelines themselves are not necessarily moral precepts. Nevertheless, one’s willingness to respond appropriately to these guidelines is a spiritual issue, which must be taken seriously. My prayer for this year is that at every moment, our lives would shine forth like a beacon, sending a message that humbly reveals an undivided devotion
to our resurrected Lord Jesus Christ.

In Christ,
Albert R. Depoutot, Jr.
Dean of Students

The College Vision

Trinity College of Florida will be the premier provider of Biblically focused, multifaceted, and diversified higher learning to fulfill the Great Commission in life and career.

The College Mission

Trinity College of Florida provides a biblically centered education, equipping servant leaders for life and career opportunities.

The College Values

  • Internally: humility, honesty, dependency, collaboration horizontally; respect, relationship, and responsibility.
  • There is no substitute for the study of the life-changing Word of God, The Bible.
  • There is no savior in comparison to the Living Word of God, Jesus Christ.
  • There is no higher calling than serving Him in His mission field, ministerial and professional, through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.
  • There is no greater responsibility than seeking and following the superintendence of God through personal holiness and
  • There is no greater fulfillment than through the fellowship and partnership of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit throughout all eternity.

Institutional Goals

The office of student development is here to guide students by inspiriting them to advance in their calling. The for achieving this mission are:

Spiritual: To orient, motivate, and lead students to Christian maturity and spiritual depth.
Academic: To engage students with opportunities to integrate biblical faith and learning.
Intellectual: To develop in students the ability for critical analysis and to motivate in them a desire for continuing intellectual pursuits.
Professional: To produce graduates competent in their professional training.
Social: To cultivate a culture that redefines how we learn, love, and live in a way that honors God, impacting our community for
generations to come.

The Bible

Trinity College believes that the Bible should be at the heart and core of all training and is the standard for evaluating all claims to knowledge. The Bible, as the inspired Word of God, is instrumental in thoroughly equipping God’s servants for ministry.
This philosophy is reflected in the wide range of Bible and theology courses offered. The College believes that the Bible is the only framework within which a consistent, effective, and productive worldview, lifestyle, and life of service to God and humanity can be maintained.


Trinity College of Florida offers an education designed to equip men and women for the work of ministry (Eph. 4:12). This sort of equipping demands growth and development in every facet of life. True Christian maturity transcends the mere academic achievement emphasized by many institutions of higher learning. At Trinity College, one’s lifestyle is as essential as any single ingredient in the Christian’s walk of life. Therefore, we are committed to complementing classroom instruction with Biblical values and lifestyles as well. To do this, clearly defined standards and guidelines are necessary.
The Trinity College Student Handbook will be each student’s source for information regarding the College’s standards and guidelines. Although we acknowledge that it is impossible to create a community with behavioral standards acceptable to every member, we nevertheless believe it is essential to specify certain patterns that will assist the community in realizing its objectives. These patterns are viewed as Biblical principles that establish essential guidelines for the Trinity College Student Handbook.