Booklists by Program

Traditional Program, Summer 2021 Required Texts

Counseling Skills Lab COUN4302

(2 textbooks)

Course Name: Counseling Skills Lab

Course Number: COUN4302

Professor: L. Rewald

Title of Text: 50 Self Help Classics 2nd Edition: Your Shortcut to the most important ideas on happiness and fulfillment (The 50 Classics)

Author: Tom Butler-Bowden

Year and Edition: 2017 2nd Edition

Publisher: Nicholas Breary

ISBN: 978-1473658288

Estimated cost: $17

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Title of Text: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5)

Author: American Psychological Association

Year and Edition: 2013/5th Edition

Publisher: American Psychiatric Publishing

ISBN: 978-0890425558

Estimated cost: $50

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Old Testament Survey BIBL3313-ONLN

Course Name: Old Testament Survey

Course Number: BIBL3313-ONLN

Professor: Depoutos, A.

Title of Text: Encountering the Old Testament

Author: Bill Arnold & Bryan E. Beyer

Year and Edition:2008 or later

Publisher: Baker

ISBN: 978-0801031700

Estimated cost (used): $5.56

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Romans BIBL4301 & BIBL4301-ONLN

Course Name: Romans

Course Number: BIBL4301 & BIBL4301-ONLY

Professor: Loeffler, R.

Title of Text: Encountering the Book of Romans

Author: Douglas J. Moo

Year and Edition: 2nd Edition, 2014

Publisher: Baker Academic

ISBN: 978-0801049668

Estimated cost (used): $15

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Business Organizational Leadership Internship BSOL4081

Course Name: Business Organizational Leadership Internship

Course Number: BSOL4081

Professor: Perkins, C.

Title of Text: No text required

Ministry Internship GNMN3011/4011

Course Name: Ministry Internship

Course Number: GNMN3011/4011

Professor: Allotta, J.

Title of Text: No text required

Psychology Internship PSYC4081

Course Name: Psychology Internship

Course Number: PSYC4081

Professor: Rewald, L.

Title of Text: The Ragamuffin Gospel

Author: Brennan Manning

Year and or Edition: 2005

Publisher: Multnomah

ISBN: 978-1590525029

Estimated cost (used): $14

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