Proverbs 4:2 –  For I give you sound teaching; do not abandon my instruction.

Often, we seek counsel and never find it. There are lots of opinions around us, but few that we trust and value. That is when we start scrolling through our phones to find a long-ago contact who we know will steer us in the right direction. The relationship is still alive; it is just distant and weakened by time. Maybe for you, it is your father or a grandma. Perhaps it is a former pastor or professor. It could be a college roommate or an old co-worker. This person was connected to you and chose to pour into you. You trusted them, and you still do. Reconnect with them. Call them, email them, or send them a letter in the mail (yes, people still do that). Not during your next ethical crisis, but soon. Tell them that they positively impacted you. Encourage them. I prefer to do these things in person, but sometimes it’s nice to give them something they can hold onto for future encouragement. Everyone likes to hear that they made a good impact on someone else. And it will bless you as well. Oh, and this doesn’t have to be limited to just one person, write 20 letters. It never gets old. Tell them that you value them and why. God smiles when we are generous. 

David Miller, is the Associate Dean for the traditional program, assistance professor of Bible and theology, Director of the honors program.

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