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Dr. David Miller, Lamentations 3:27 Devotional

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Lamentations 3:27 – It is good for a man that he should bear the yoke in his youth.

Hard work is a lost art. Although “bear[ing] the yoke” doesn’t always mean getting your hands dirty, it is an excellent start. Hard work develops character and appreciation for others. Try it. You will be surprised how good it feels to sweat and grow tired and then do it some more until the job is finished. Volunteer with a landscaping crew or a house painter. Become an apprentice for a plumber or an electrician. Learn to sew, iron, wash dishes, do laundry, change the oil in a car, mow the lawn, clean a bathroom, and build a bookcase. Do hard things. Show your worth and earn your keep. No, weeding a garden or cleaning out a shed is not as fun as leveling up on your video game, but you will feel better about yourself. If you learn to work hard and “bear the yoke” when you are young, it will serve you and your family later in life. The last time I moved, I asked friends for help loading the truck. Several came, and so did a 65-year-old man, and he outworked the rest of us. Yes, he was a bit slower and looked close to death when we finished, but it was evident that he learned the value of hard work long ago. Let that be said of you. Hurt, tired, old, it doesn’t matter. In the end, the job needed to get finished, and you worked until it was done. Go to bed tired and wake up sore; you will never regret that feeling. God uses those who are willing, hard work and dedication will show you worthy to be called upon when needed. 

David Miller, is the Associate Dean for the traditional program, assistance professor of Bible and theology, Director of the honors program.

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