The Interdisciplinary Studies Major is designed for students whose vocational objectives draw from multiple disciplines and who are seeking a well-rounded undergraduate education. It allows students the flexibility to design their own programs specific to their long-term goals. This major would be appropriate preparation for additional studies at the graduate level or for individuals anticipating attending seminary.



General Studies – 39 Credits

Bible and Theology Foundation – 54 Credits

Major – 30 Credits 

Total Required Credits – 123 Credits



Students select 30 credits from two or more disciplines (core courses) with at least 18 semester hours at the 3000 level or above. Students will also complete two semester long internships that are aligned with the selected disciplines within the major.


Program Outcomes/Goals:

Students successfully completing this program will demonstrate: 

  1. Advanced skills in written communication.
  2. Advanced knowledge of the Western intellectual tradition.
  3. Advanced ability to integrate their Christian faith with the content areas of two or more disciplines.
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Krista Mallo, PhD

Associate Professor of English, Chair of the General Studies Department, Director for Interdisciplinary Studies, Director of Learning Resources Program