The Associate of Arts degree in General Studies is designed to give students valuable preparation for further studies, by providing them with introductory general studies courses while helping them develop a foundational Biblical perspective. 



Total Credits – 60 Credits

 All of the following requirements must be met in order to graduate and receive an Associate of Arts degree in General Studies from Trinity College: 

  1. Satisfactory completion of a minimum of 60 semester credit hours with at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average including completion of the Associate of Arts curriculum, Chapel, and Christian Service requirements. The final 30 credit hours and at least 50% of all major courses credit hours must be completed in residence at Trinity College. 
  2. Satisfactory completion of all Trinity College assessment procedures. 
  3. Continued evidence of a consistent, genuine, Christian testimony. 
  4. Continued essential agreement with the Doctrinal Statement of the College. 
  5. Satisfactory fulfillment of all financial obligations to the College. No degree will be granted or transcript provided to a student with an outstanding financial obligation to the College. 
  6. Affirmative recommendation for graduation by the faculty, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the Board of Trustees.


Program Outcomes/Goals:

Students successfully completing this program will demonstrate: 

  1. General knowledge of the content of Scripture; 
  2. College-level competence in the general skills that form the foundation for all learning: reading, writing/ composition, and critical thinking; and 3. Introductory knowledge of Western culture integrating themes from history, science, philosophy, or literature.
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Krista Mallo, PhD

Associate Professor of English, Chair of the General Studies Department, Director for Interdisciplinary Studies, Director of Learning Resources Program