Purpose: The Christian Ministry Major provides the student with the academic and professional preparation necessary for ministry.

Program Outcomes/Goals:

  1. Students will have a professional readiness to deliver Biblical knowledge.
  2. Students will have a well-articulated Christian world view of life and ministry.
  3. A student will display ministry-ready professional skills.


Trinity Quest Program – 54 Semester Hours

General Education – 36 Semester Hours 

 Open Electives – 33 Semester Hours 

Total Semester Hours – 123 Semester hours



Christian Perspective and Learning Skills 
World Missions and Religions
Biblical Ethics
Christian Theology 
Old Testament Survey
Life and Revelation of Christ 
New Testament Survey
Introduction to Counseling
Marriage and Family Communication 
Christian Leadership 
Evangelism and Discipleship 
Fundamental Issues in Worship 
Youth Ministry Skills 3
Introduction to Preaching and Teaching -or Small Group Development 
Pastoral Methods 
Christian Ministry Internship