This program equips the student with business and leadership skills to be influential in diverse and complex organizational environments. The Sport Leadership Concentration equips students to become influential, ethical change agents in sports-related agencies and businesses. The student will study effective ways to influence the sports arena through project management, sports administration, and sports leadership theories, skills, and best practices. 



General Studies – 39 Credits

Bible and Theology Foundation – 45 Credits

Major – 39 Credits 

Total Required Credits – 123 Credits



Sport Science I or Leading Org. Innov. & Change 

Introduction to Organizational Leadership 

Leadership and Organization in Sports 

Sport Science II or Managerial Leadership 

Managing Ethics in Organizations 

Org. Comm. Methods & Strategies for Leaders 

Organizational Theory and Behavior 

Leadership in Non-Profits or Proj. Leader, Strat. & Scope 

Marketing & Research Strategy or Research Methods I 

Adv. Coaching & Leadership or Res. Alloc. in Org. 

Sports Administration 

Strategic Human Resources in Organizations 

Team Dynamics & Leading Diverse Groups 

Business Org. Leadership Internship


Program Outcomes/Goals:

Students successfully completing this program will demonstrate: 

  1. An advanced understanding and practical application of sports leadership theories and required skills and abilities including Red Cross First Aid and CPR/AED certification, as well as Concussion Wise Certified and preparation for American College of Sport Medicine (ACSM) Trainer certifications.
  2. The ability to effectively influence others, create change, lead innovation, motivate and impact a sports organization for successful growth. 
  3. A personal understanding of core athletic leadership competencies as it relates to their ability to structure athletic organizations, coordinate sports events, manage resource allocation, coach, direct various sport clubs, administrate communication and guide visionary decision-making in an ethical manner.
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Cindy Perkins, MA

Assistant Professor, Director of Business & Organizational Leadership