Bachelor of Science Business Organizational Leadership Major

The successful completion of the Business Organizational Leadership Major will provide the student with:

1. A solid foundation in the skills and knowledge required to perform as an effective leader within any for-profit or non-profit organization and society.
2. An application of the skills obtained and sought after by current employers within today’s market such as: complex problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, sound judgment and decision making, communication, conflict management and negotiation, and exercising influence.
3. The formulation of right thinking to assist the student in making ethical decision founded upon biblical principles and characteristics of Jesus Christ.

Program Requirements

To graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business Organizational Leadership, students must have completed a total of 123 semester hours as follows:

(1) Completed in the TrinityQuest Program (54 Semester Hours):
LDR1362Q Introduction to Organizational Leadership 3
LDR2370Q Organizational Communication, Methods and Strategies for Leaders 3
BIBL3323Q Biblical Ethics 3
THEO3313Q Christian Theology 3
BIBL2331Q Hermeneutics 3
BIBL3313Q Old Testament Survey 3
BIBL2301Q Life and Revelation of Christ 3
BIBL3314Q New Testament Survey 3
BIBL4301Q Romans 3
GNMN3312Q Christian Perspectives and Learning Skills 3
LDR3341Q Leadership in Non-Profits 3
LDR3363Q Team Dynamics & Leading Diverse Groups 3
LDR4164Q Organizational Theory and Behavior 3
LDR3202Q Managing Ethics in Organizations 3
LDR3215Q Leading Organizational Innovation and Change 3
LDR4334Q Resource Allocations in Organizations 3
LDR3333Q Strategic Human Resources in Organizations 3
LDR4104Q Concepts & Theories of Managerial Leadership 3

(2) Completed in General Education (36 Semester Hours acceptable to the College):
Fine Arts and Humanities 3
Includes courses in Literature, Biblical Literature, Philosophy, Music, Art, and Drama.
English and Literature 6
Two courses in English Composition are required.
Science or Mathematics 3
Includes courses in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Astronomy,
Environmental Science, College Algebra, Calculus, etc.
Social and Behavioral Science 3
Includes courses in History, Political Science, Economics, Psychology,
Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, or other similar courses.
General Education Electives 21
Includes courses from the above categories and, in addition, courses in Speech,
Critical Thinking, Ethics, Languages, Computer Science, Physical Education,
and College Orientation.

(3) Completed in Open Electives (33 Semester Hours acceptable to the College)
Total: 123 Semester Hours