By Peggy Bragg,

My personal relationship and life’s journey with Jesus began in an old open air chapel with a sawdust floor. Trinity College students, Percy & Hazel Cannon, ran a Christian camp in North Florida on the Suwannee River called Camp O’ the Suwanee. Having been in Dad’s classes, they wanted to do something to show their thanks for him and his teaching. They decided to give two free weeks in their camp to all four of the Bragg children; I, the youngest at eight years old. Every night in that old outdoor chapel a series of films was being shown on the life of Christ. The last night of our two week stay the film portrayed the crucifixion story. I can still, with absolute clarity and joy, remember that it was the love of Christ that drew me. I thought, even at eight, that someone that loved me that much that He went through all that agonies for me was someone I had to know personally. I practically ran down that old sawdust aisle, knelt at the little wooden altar, and gave my life to Him whose love never fails. So, my life with Trinity not only was the place where I quite literally grew up, but graduated from there, served there during my furloughs and, then after my years in Africa, returned to serve on the faculty for 12 years. It’s “HOME” to me as hardly any other

place could be! It’s influence on my life is immeasurable! Most of all, however, my heart swells with gratitude and love for my Lord, my parents, Trinity College, the two dear people, the Cannons, that summer camp and that old outdoor chapel without which I might never have made my own decision to follow the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Dr. Peggy Bragg

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