Darwinism & Intelligent Design Online Course

For the first time, Darwinism & Intelligent Design is being offered as an online course through Trinity College of Florida August 9 through September 21.  This course centers on the historical controversy between Darwinism and intelligent design while examining three dimensions (science, philosophy and history) of the contemporary debate between the two theories. 

The courses’ unifying goal is to understand:

     (1) Why scientific skepticism of Darwinian evolution intensified during the past half-century,

     (2) How design theorists have articulated the “inference to design,” and

     (3) How Darwinists have responded to these challenges. 

The course will also explore answers to the following questions: 

  • What difficulties arise when scientists assume microevolution can generate macroevolution?  
  • How can we detect entities in nature were produced by an intelligence? 
  • How has scientific rhetoric been transformed by the furor over ID? 
  • What are the key trends that will shape the future of this debate? 
  • What role do worldview commitments of scientists play?  
  • Does “fine tuning” of the universe lend weight to ID Theory?  

Click HERE for a course overview.


The course will be taught by Dr. Thomas Woodward, Research Professor at Trinity College of Florida and is designed for non-degree seeking students and transient students pursuing academic credit.  For information contact the TrinityQuest Office: toll-free at 866-526-8575 or via email trinityquest@trinitycollege.edu.


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