Professor Completes Six City Tour of Colombia

Dr. Tom Woodward, research professor and chair of the Bible & Theology Department at Trinity College of Florida and Executive Director of the C.S. Lewis Society, recently returned from a speaking tour through six cities in Colombia including the capital, Bogotá (population nine million), and Medellín (population six million).  Other cities included: San Andres Island, Barranquilla, Montería, and Neiva)

In each of the six cities, Dr. Woodward spoke to venue capacity audiences.  In Monteria, the hosting church had to set up an additional 75 chairs outside the facility in an adjacent courtyard so an overflow crowd could listen through the windows.

Throughout the six city tour, Dr. Woodward spoke on the topics of:

  • Fossils that Embarrass Darwin

  • The Mystery of DNA and Cellular Machines

  • The Case for Christ's Deity

  • Key Reasons You Can Trust the Bible

Dr. Woodward partnered with several organizations, all affiliated with a U.S.-based ministry called Gospel Through Colombia.

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